Black screen no signal from graphics card.

Hi guys i have a system which is a few years old now except for the mb and ram and about 5 months back i decided to upgrade to windows 7 and ever since i have had this problem in various states and i haven't been able to find a single solution.

My System:
Win 7 Ultimate 64bit
Q6600 stock speed
Foxxconn Black Ops mobo
OCZ Platinum 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 PC3-10666C7 1333MHz Dual Channel
2x Radeon HD 2900XT
1000w thermaltake toughpower
1x 130gb WDraptor and 2x older sata drives for storage

The system worked fine until i installed win7.
The problem seems to creep us mostly while playing games an especially just after a loading screen has finished however it can sometimes happen on the desktop for example i have been playing Sarcraft 2 all week and it has worked really well i was on it for a good 5 hours solid yesterday then i start it up this morning and the first match i get the black screen however audio carries on as i can still talk to my friend on skype. (when it has happened in counter strike audio has crashed)

I have tried reinstalling too various HDDs I have tried running it from 1 card, changing the ram, updating drivers, driver rollback, changing the dvi lead, unplugging all unessential hardware except for the minimum but nothing so far has worked.

The problem is also extremely intermittent, i have been running a fresh install of win7 for about 2 weeks now and today is the first time the problem has come back on previous installs it has sometimes happened all the time. The only thing that has changed was that after one driver update i would get BSOD for various ati drivers however after a restore and a driver wipe then reinstall this problem went away.

Any help would be appreciated thanks

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  1. The problem seems to be happening a lot today with the last 3 of 4 starcraft 2 games going black in or shortly after the loading screen.
  2. Ati Drivers
  3. Hmmm, first I have to question your troubleshooting. Why would you change hard drives or remove components if the monitor switches off? Switching off is due to a signalling issue between the graphics card and the monitor. Things that would be at issue would be the driver, the GPU, the cable, and the monitor. Some secondary effects from the power supply are possible but low....

    You must understand the changes you make and slowly backtrack. People who yank hardware and drivers in and out will never find the real issue. Somethiing not normal is going on so the regular rules do not apply - you have to think through this. But swapping keyboards is not the issue.

    Look in the event log to see if its telling you anything. W7 is better than previous OS' at logging issues.
    Is everything screwed in tight? No bent/loose/questionalbe connectors - be picky.
    Does everything sound normal?
    Swap the DVI cable for a VGA cable - no converters
    There are different DVI cables - Make sure you are using a DVI-Dx2. Dont pull the same brand out of a new bag.
    Drop the resolution down - what is the resolution you are running anyhow?
    Can you swap the monitor out for awhile?
    Maybe remove 1 of the GPU's for awhile....

    How do you wake the computer out of this display mode? Do you know it is still running (is the drive light flashing)? If you are power cycling then you dont know.

    Personally I have seen the DVI cable, the monitor, the GPU's to be at fault in these cases...
  4. I understand what you say and it makes sense i guess i was just frustrated and did not look at the problem objectively.

    At first i thought it might be a software issue as it only happened the day after i installed win 7.

    I have swapped the DVI cabel and the problem persists and when i have my xbox plugged into the vga port on the monitor it still works while the pc goes off, i will try a different monitor tonight and see if there is a problem with the dvi port.

    I have also swapped out the graphics card however the problem still occurs.
    I have checked seating and connectors multiple times but will check again lateron.

    The event log mentions a kernal power issue and somthing called b57nd60a i am unsure what i am looking at or for here so if you could explain it would be great.

    Im not sure if the leed is DVI-Dx2 but it has worked for years however i will check into this. My monitor is running at 1680z1050 and i will try lowering the resolution.

    Thanks for your help
  5. number13 said:
    Ati Drivers

    I have changed the drivers multiple times and i still get the same problem, i even tried using the standard win7 drivers but with no luck.
  6. I forgot to add that once the screen goes black there is nothing i can do but a restart to get the screen to come back on. depending on what i am doing somtimes music still plays in the background but i cannot interact with it in any way however when i am on a headset speaking to my friend i can continue talking with them for a short time, i have not tried this for any length of time as i have usually just restarted the pc.
  7. try Cat 10.7 drivers
  8. no luck with the 10.7 drivers the problem persists, i also tried a different monitor and cable and no luck, i think plugged both monitors in and both screen die in the same way.

    When it goes black the fan on the graphics card goes right down as if the system is idling and i don't think it is getting too hot as there is no visible evidence of corruption and it doesn't feel too hot.

    One more thing

    The platform firmware has corrupted memory across the previous system power transition. Please check for updated firmware for your system.

    Display driver atikmdag stopped responding and has successfully recovered.

    a few points which appear in the event veiwer however they do not appear all the time before one of these black screens.
  9. could be a defective card, one of the memchips defective, "The platform firmware has corrupted memory across the previous system power transition. Please check for updated firmware for your system."
  10. i dont think it is the card as it happens even when i replace the card how do i check and upgrade new firmware?
  11. can't find firmware at ATI, but have you tried the cards 1 at a time and see if you have the same problems
  12. yes that was the first thing i tried but the problem happen when i am using either card seperately.
  13. looked all over for firmware for ATI and came up with a blank, do you have a way to monitor the heat in the GPU's
  14. Other than the catalyst temp no, however it is the same it has always been hot but then it is a hot card. Idle arround 60 high load 70-80 this isnt new however.

    I know itws a long shot but im going to try re-installing xp on a seperate disk and seeing if the problem persists in that.
  15. i have just swapped out the cards again and now i cant even get it to boot with the other card in, such a pain can both my cards really be fried?
  16. Update: Ok i have still been failing to get the second card to run and the black screen error has been increasing happening in every single starcraft game and sometimes now on the main menu however about an hour ago i took the working card in plugged it into the slave PCIe x16 slot rather than the master and after booting up and windows reinstalling the drivers everything seems to be ok. I have had several games of sc2 with no problems and i will see how it goes for the rest of tonight.
    I imagine if this is the case then the fault could lie with the mobo? this however is still under warranty and can be replaced.

    As for the dead card i am going to try it out in a friends pc tomorrow and see if it works.

    Your thoughts.

    Thanks for your help
  17. Could it be a bad MB? very possibly
  18. hmm possibly both that card and the mb have been damaged at some point, i have been playing more starcraft 2 with no ill effect and it has been an incredibly hot day down here so if it was due to overheating i think that symptom would have arisen.
    In the morning i will move the working card back into the master slot and see if the problem reappears if so i will RMA the mobo.

    Thanks for all your help :)
  19. Glad to help
  20. The problem came back today i really cant get my head arround this it seems so random although now it has happened even when loading windows.
  21. Hello,

    I get a black screen and no signal from the graphics card (5670 and GTX 460) after I log on to Windows 7. Then the PC reboots.

    From what I real, there are two Microsoft security patches that trigger this problem.
  22. Oh Really, please enlighten me
  23. Unless the patch comes with the stock version of win 7 this doesn't appear to be the same cause as i have ran 7 without updating yet it still happens though admittedly not much, any more info would be nice as i am trying every option here :P.
  24. S if I am hearing you right, you have 2 computers with the same problems
  25. no just the one. Sorry i havent replied in a while but i have been buisy with uni results.

    A few days ago i got a sound card error so i uninstalled it and put a new one in that i had spare and suddenly no problem for 3 days until again the problem just came back.
  26. Ok i think i have solved the problem.
    I did a fresh re-install of Vista 32 and all the drivers seem to function properly i also stripped down my graphics cards and put a thin layer of Arctic silver on every chip connected to a heat transmitting surface.

    Ultimately i believe the problem was located in the drivers for win 7 and some crazy annoying incompatibility. I will be trying out 64bit version of vista soon to see if that is also stable.

    Thanks for all you help and i hope this thread can help anybody else suffering from a similar problem with win7.
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