Blown power supply - will i have damaged MOBO??

Put a new Radeon 8500 in my pc (got a quitea few of additional devices) last night ran for about and 1/2, crashed a few times and then completely powered off. Switched back on and BANG!! Big flash out the back of the power supply.

I presumbe i pushed the supply over the top and blown the fuse , will purchse a heft 450 watt enemax tommorrow.
Question is has this happened to anybody else and what are the chances of any of my components surviving Having just bought a new graphics card and anothee 256 meg of ram :((
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  1. Just try it out with the new power supply. You could also enable the cmos jumper for a few seconds to clear the bios settings and make sure it posts at the default settings. The reason I recommend this is the last time I damaged a motherboard, it was starting with low voltage, and I couldn't get it to post without raising the cpu vcore using the onboard jumpers.
  2. First, I highly recommend you to look at your motherboard and check for burned components and broken foil runs. If you can look at other side of the board without removing it check there as well. Any damage to the motherboard will show up there pretty easy.

    Second, if you have a 3.3 volts set for your video card, you may have damaged it. The 8500 runs at 1.5 volts.

    Third, if the slot for your video card isn't keyed, that may have caused the problem. You will also be able to tell if the slot is longer than the pins on the card. All you would have to do is short the pins by not putting it in quite right and there goes your power supply/motherboard/video card.

    Fourth, if you are running anything over 250W, you should have been OK, of course 300W or more wouldn't hurt. It is always better to get a certified AMD/P4 power supply than to get a cheapo.

    Fifth, if you did blow your power supply (also check for a fuse that may be accessible) chances are real good that other things got fried and that is why I recomment doing the above things.

    Sixth, fix the problem first and see how everything performs, you may not need the extra memory. I hope everything works out for you.

    en Xristos
  3. yea its happened to me, no worries everything should be okay ... i had a crappy power supply so i bought a new one the next day, plugged it in and it booted up fine.
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