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BF2 - Modified Content Message

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September 22, 2006 6:21:00 PM

Whenever the next map loads up and I'm ready to join, I get booted and this Modified Content Message comes up, requiring me to load the map again. I always get in the second try. This doesn't happen on the second round of a map since the map is already loaded.

I recently built a new computer and am running 3 raptors in Raid O and I can only think that this is the problem. However, I didn't always have this problem. The first week of play, I was always the first one in the map and running for whatever vehicle I wanted and getting it.

Has anybody else had this problem and did you find a solution/fix to the problem. I have uninstalled everything and reinstalled, only to have the same problem.

The only solution that has been suggested was to reinstall the Windows operating system and trying again. The person that suggested this said that he has had to do this several times since he started running his computer in Raid 5.


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September 25, 2006 1:12:36 PM

Raid is more than likely the problem behind this, sounding like it is sodding up on some files causing corruption. When I used to have my OS installed on a set of raided hard disks I had to reinstall windows about 5 times a year due to corrupted files in the windows directory, that where preventing windows from booting up correctly. I have even had a whole folder do a disappearing act on me with 70GB’s of files in it before. But since I put windows on a single IDE I am still using the same installation I installed about 15 months ago so all is well.

To solve this problem I would try simply doing a complete uninstall of the game then installing everything back in again. If that does not work then the problem is much deeper in to the system than would be economical to fix your self so yes, you would best be reinstalling windows if that happened.

In all honesty and this is just my advice, you would be best scrapping the raid and using the hard disks on their own. Because unless you have the best raid controller on the face of this planet your raid being made out of 2 raptors will feck up more than most. Since even though I had problems with files and windows installs I have still to have a game mess up on me that I still to this day run from the same raid partition I created about 3 or 4 years ago.
October 2, 2006 6:33:57 PM

Update: My clan has started running all the Euroforce and Armored Fury maps on the same server as the regular (vanilla) maps and only on two occasions have I been booted with the modified content message.

I don't believe there are any files being corrupted; instead, I believe that I am just loading too fast. Others who are running two disk raid 0 setups are telling me that when I call out that I have been booted, that they are about 8 seconds behind me in loading up the map and they get in fine.

I'm going to try going into other servers and see what the results are.

October 3, 2006 4:24:06 AM

The reason you get this message is because while you were loading and then having your data verified for modified content the server changed maps. Therefore the game thinks you have modified content. This seems to be a new bug with 1.4.
October 5, 2006 6:57:54 PM

The reason you get this message is because while you were loading and then having your data verified for modified content the server changed maps. Therefore the game thinks you have modified content. This seems to be a new bug with 1.4.

Just the opposite, I am in the server playing the previous map and it ends. The next map is loading up and when I get to the point of hitting the join button it kicks me for modified content. I mention this to my fellow clan members and they all say they're still loading up the map. I double click on the server again and it loads up again, this time much faster, and I hit the join button and I'm in. I am in while some of them are still verifying data; though, some others have already joined.

I would just like to be able to get in the first try every time, rather than this random kicking due to modified content. It's especially important on certain maps like Wake Island (as U.S.) where I could use that extra jump of getting in early to get in a jet and fly to the mainland (airfield) and bail out by the flag and be a spawn point for the rest of my team so we can quickly capture the flag before the Chinese know what hit them.

I know, small problem compared to others with slower computers but I just thought I'd see if anybody else had this problem and if they had found a solution. I can certainly live with it, especially considering the many other glitches in the game that crop up from time to time.