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I went from Win98SE to XP about two weeks ago and have a problem shutting down or restarting with any device connected to the USB ports. I have the capability to plug my cordless keyboard and mouse into a USB port but am using the PS/2 connections instead. I also have a Sidewinder precision 2 joystick which I would like to keep connected. When disconnecting both devices I can restart or shutdown. If one stays connected I cannot startup or shutdown. This is an XP/ACPI compatible board and the USB ports worked fine under Win98SE using APM. I placed my modem in an unshared slot (4) and I have a sound card in the ACR slot. I have done a new install of XP without any cards connected and then checking the startup and restart by adding/removing the cards. It is only when I add a device to the USB port and installing the drivers that the problem happens. There are no newer driver updates than the ones I have. The USB devices in Device Manager show only generic USB drivers installed. Asus told me that there are no USB drivers for the chipset other than what XP has. I have both Asus and Microsoft working on this at the Engineering level. I also have the latest BIOS update and have gone back to default settings only changing my CPU to run at its rated settings of 12.0X 33/133.

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  1. don't have a solution for you but on usenet there are a number of others who've experienced the same problem. Looks like it's a known bug with that combo. You're going to probably have to either live with it until they fix it, or get a different motherboard.

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