Will this play WoW?

im thinking about getting wow, i have a sucky computer, yes, and i will get a new one very soon, but here are my specs:

p3 933mhz
256 ram
fx5500 128mb video card
windowns ME
good sound card (llike sound blaster audigy or something)

right now i have 56k dial up, but that will soon change to 7 or 10 mb cable internet

but how will it work on dial up?

also, will the more than enough video ram compensate for the lack of system RAM?

just wanted to know, any answers would be appreciated

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  1. wtf someone respond....
  2. oooh boy.

    I'll have to say that you're right on the money, but I guarantee that you will not enjoy it much with the spec. You have meet the minimum requirement and need 512mb. In my experiance I suggust to triple the system for good enjoyment.
  3. i played WOW for a month on a radeon 9200 and 256mbs of ram all ive got to say is it is not injoyable, i was unable to go into any of the big citys because my Frame rate would plummit to below 3 fps..
    yes three! it was unplayable, so i got my freinds to go and get me stuff from all the larger citys, and i had to set everything to its lowest to play outside citys, i often couldent find things that where right in from of my because my draw distance was minimized.

    after a month of this i upgraded to 1gb of ram and i get a constant and steady 20fps at max settings even in major citys :)
  4. Yeah, system RAM is the real bottleneck in this game, especially in cities. My system is an Athlon 2400+ with 768MB Ram and an X800GTO card, and I still get knocked down to single digit FPS going into cities, at least for a while. And that's with a fast cable modem connection to boot, so my guess is you would have issues. Your card would be OK, but the slow processor and limited RAM are killers.
  5. fps (frmes per second) is how many times the screen updates the image on ur screen,the ps2 and xbox play at 30 fps, to make it nice and smooth, and u can test ghow many u have with fraps, a programm that lets u tekll have many fpos u have

    tell me how many fps u get in hl2 or doom3.....

  6. omg, responded to the wrong thing.....srry
  7. Look on the website, it gives the minimum specification.
  8. this is a joke.

    1. ur comp is not good enuff
    2. even if ur comp is good enuff, with that net connection, u will juz get lag spikes n d/c neway
    3. ur question, if i were u, i would be embarassed to even ask
    4. how old r u
  9. why would i be embarassed u ask u stupid peice of sh!t, its a f'ing forum

    im 14 btw, and im very close to buying or building a new comp, as far as technically goes, my comp is good enough, except that it has windows ME and wow now currently needs XP, so i guess the thread is over, but still ur a crazy ass nub who need st stfu
  10. Woo, a newbie fight.

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  11. What does it matter how old he is?

    He's already shown more maturity by typing correct words, instead of your eye burning wanna be 1337 speak.

    Don't give advice if it's not constructive.

    My advice to you, buy a keyboard with all the letters on it.
  12. I am 100% sure that the requirement is imprinted on the box itself. Usually it can be found underneath of the box or at the side. It is the same for any other games, requirement needed to play a certain game will always be there. I think lionhardt knew if his computer is able to play a game such as WoW. Needless to say, even if he has doubt whether his computer is able to play WoW, I am sure it doesn't take a person with I.Q. of over 160 to realize the fact that - 56K dial up will never be able to play online games smoothly. I assume when lionhardt asked if he is able to play WoW on his current settings, it means if he is able to play it smoothly. And it is just me disliking people asking redundant questions such as this.

    And if I choose to speak internet slangs on the net, it is my freedom to do so. And I refuse to agree with you that being able to type or rather spell words correctly shows one's maturity. Well if that is the way you have been thinking all this while, get a grip.

    Recommended Specifications

    Windows® System 2000/XP OS:

    * Intel Pentium® IV 1.5 GHz or AMD XP 1500+ MHz
    * 1024 MB RAM
    * 64 MB 3D graphics card with Hardware Transform and Lighting, such as NVIDIA® GeForce™ FX 5700 class card or above
    * Broadband Internet connection
    * Two-button scroll-wheel mouse

    This recommended specifications is not even anywhere near smooth game playing really. Try going into a town/city with full of other players, with the recommended system, you will either get booted out of the game or you don't even see your character moving. Now lionhardt, I hope you get the slightest idea of the ideal specs to play WoW. May I know what upgrades you plan to do?
  13. You forgot to tell how old you are.

  14. You are absolutely free to express yourself in the manner you feel is appropriate, just as we are free to interpret that manner in the way we see fit. When you insult another poster, and do so using a form of expression that bears only marginal resemblance to grammatical English, one would be justified in assuming that you are an uncultured troll. Your subsequent post does indicate that you possess the ability to use language properly (or know someone who does), and is thus much more likely to be taken seriously. Regardless of your chosen mode of expression, however, an insult is an insult, and your post was needlessly insulting.

    Yes, the minimum specs and often the recommended ones are on the box and on the website, but even those do not necessarily mean a game will run well; WoW will run well on graphics cards that are quite old, but requires quite a bit of memory. The game will run nicely on my old nVidia 5200 card, so long as there is plenty of system memory (768MB or more), with the usual initial slowdowns in cities until all the data downloads. I also have friends who play WoW over a dial-up connection, and can do so quite effectively - cable is obviously better, but the game is eminently playable over a 56K connection too.

    On the other hand, often minimum specs on graphically advanced FPS games are virtually unplayable, while the recommended specs are slightly better but unsatisfying. The whole point of having a forum is to provide opportunities to discuss issues, specifications, and opinions, and to provide help to those who ask for it. If all you can offer in return is an insult, don't bother posting at all. And that is my opinion... :D
  15. nice one, BigMac... :lol:
  16. I just told him whats on my mind when I first read his post. After saying what I have to say, I did ask him on my second post " May I know what upgrades you plan to do? ". This is a gesture, showing that I am willing to help him if he tells me what he plans to upgrade. From there I can give him advice if deem necessary to optimize gameplay for the games he wants to play and for the right price too. If you guys see my thread as insultive, I do apologize, but please bear in mind that everyone is different. I act like this when I see posts such as lionhardt's. Although I very much tried to pull myself back from saying harsh words to him, my fingers just find their way back to the keyboard and starts typing without me knowing ( lol ).

    And I am surprised to see that people are able to play WoW on dial ups. I have heard of many cases regarding lag spikes when they uses dial up as their net connection. And from what I know, dial up isn't really the best way to play an online game. Costs too much, they monthly bill from playing WoW via dial up is almost equivalent to half a pretty decent rig really.
  17. I forgive you, padawan. Now go spread your good will among the CPU forums.

    Make love, not war.

    Love your brothers.


    And all of that shi*t.

  18. *chases mpjesse back to the other*
  19. mpjesse got lolcb off the hook - anyone who uses Barney the Dinosaur for his or her avatar can NEVER be taken seriously!
  20. Quote:
    I am sure it doesn't take a person with I.Q. of over 160 to realize the fact that - 56K dial up will never be able to play online games smoothly.

    there is one i know of. Starcraft.... i know b/c i live out in the sticks and can't get any type of high speed.....
  21. mmmm....starcraft.... i love playing that game on a direct modem connection... the best part is that one of my 2 landlines is free (of charge) (as long as your calling another local landline) so me and my friends can play as long as we want....

  22. I was able to play TFC via dial-up, quite well in fact. Ditto for Half-Life.
  23. replying to wrong user. sorry.
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