My BP6 shuts down in summer time .. why??

I have an Abit BP6 with 2 celerons 366 @ 550 with 2.1v
generic ram micron 7.5ns
globin win hsf
wd 30gb
cdrom + burner
diamond viper tnt2
linksys nic
usr courier isa modem
ensoniq 1370 sound card
was using a 300w power supply
now using a 250w power supply, still have same problems

My system keeps shutting down after a couple of minutes when the ambient temps are 80 degrees F and above. I know there is a heat issue somewhere. If I drop the cpu speed to 366, the system runs a little bit longer then immediately shuts down. I would have to flip the switch on the power supply back and forth, then restart the computer.

What I did to fix the problem is added a 120mm fan and directed it to the pci and isa cards. Also added a 80mm fan to cool the hard drive. I'm still using the 250w power supply. Now everything is working fine.

I want to know where is the problem ... I have a "poor man's" general solution and I want to find the direct cause so I can hopefully prevent this in another sytem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. i'll bet it's your generic RAM. Generic RAM ='s problems.

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  2. Several things could cause it. For example, the BX Chipset ran a little hot without a heatsink, does yours have one? If it does, and it's clipped on, you should remove it and add heatsink paste. I assume you've already made sure the processors are not overheating. It could also be the clock generator overheating, not likely but it has happened. Or it could be too much heat to the memory. Finally, the power supply itself could be overheating if it's pulling hot air out of the case.

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