MMR: The Honeymoon is Over for Nintendo's Wii

Nintendo was riding high on hype and buzz after stealing the show at E3. But after a summer of media love, the luster on Wii is beginning to fade as chinks in the armor - storage capacity, processing power, and yes, even price - are exposed. Has Nintendo's console peaked before it was even released?
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  1. Actually I think with their recent "Coming out" party and the re-worked games they displayed they revived the Hype machine into overdrive.
    As for the system and extra joysticks higher then expected costs, that does seem to be an issue with some (more so the joysticks I think). But when Wii games come out 10-15$ less then the competition... you will find less grumbling about the system price.
    The real question to me is; how many people buying a system this year have HDTV's vs. EDTV or SDTV? Sony is banking on a lot of HDTV's, Nintendo is not.

    BTW does anyone know if the announced Wii games are 480P & W/S or just 480P & 4:3 or just SD & 4:3?

    Their effort in promoting 480P & W/S fell somewhat short on the NGC, in large part (in my opinion) by not including a Progressive Scan cable with the system. I hope that won’t be the case with the Wii.
  2. In the end I will be getting the Wii simply because I have been playing the Playstation 2 and Xbox for a long time and, one day, about 2 months ago, I stopped and thought "OK, I've played a lot of really cool games, but have I really had fun doing it? Have any of them been games where I really WANTED to play them after I got over the wow factor?"

    Sadly enough, I had to answer No, for the most part. Yes, there were games I loved, but none of them were really FUN games that I just enjoyed playing. That said, I have been tweaked every time I missed out on a Zelda or other such game.

    No, I'll be buying the Wii, but not because of the name or fancy shmancy controller, rather despite the name and controller. Oh well.

    I just don't like the thought of waving my arms around in the air like an epilleptic when I am playing...
  3. I partly disagree that the Wii will have a huge downhill slide. Or that hype from nintendo has caused this. I have a few of my own opinions on some of the aspects noted.

    1. "The Wii will not be powerful enough to push the envelope in the future."
    As noted and repeated forever this is a console that is looking at innovation in gameplay and the fun the user may have. This area is only being looked down by those who think NEXTGEN means shiny real graphics.

    2. "The games like Red steel and Zelda do not look very good"
    Well lets start on Zelda. This was already known it would not be a huge leap in graphics due to it being develped before Wii was even physically available and for the Gamecube. So of course it will not be perfect but from what i have seen its pretty damn nice looking. Red steel I do partly agree on but I also do know that the builds shown have not been finals. and will wait and see when it comes out.

    3. Some people have over hyped that Nintendo will be number 1.
    This one makes me laugh cause Nintendo's stance has been not to compete with the others but to simply complement them as a alternative type of gameplay. Though this technically could put them number 1 on sales we have to remember that due to the huge risk it will be at least a year before we will find out if that is the case. Since the majority look at raw power Nintendo will have the burden to prove themselves.

    My personal Opinion is Nintendo will be very popular to about 2/3rds of gamers. being the Purists for nintendo and the ones wanting a fresh dose of fun gamplay. The ones that will not wat it are the ones that look at specsheets to decide whether they want one. I believe though depending on 3rd party suppot and a steady influx of games that it could at miniumum hold its own and pull a good profit. Maybe even Come number 1 but sadly I even doubt that.
  4. Since when does "fun to play" have to mean "looks real"? For me it has to be fun first, if it looks awesome too, all the better, but it has to be fun first.

    I'm not buying either console 'cause I like FPS and RTS type games on the PC, but if I did I'd buy the one that had the games "I" like to play, in a tie between any two, I'd probabaly get the one that was more capable (plays DVD's, etc), but otherwise, the available game selection would be the deciding factor for me.

    PS: I have an old GBC, my brother has an N64 (kicked his butt at Starfox), and his friend has a PS2 (racing game junkie).
  5. i am going to buy a wii...hype or no...but i believe the hype is still going...

    good points in the article, but gameplay will always win over "better graphics" especially when the graphics still can't look like real life(whether that be a good thing or not) in real time...

    i look forward to brawling in the living room to mess up my friends during a game, oh what joy
  6. Quote:
    i am going to buy a wii...hype or no...but i believe the hype is still going...

    good points in the article, but gameplay will always win over "better graphics" especially when the graphics still can't look like real life(whether that be a good thing or not) in real time...

    i look forward to brawling in the living room to mess up my friends during a game, oh what joy

    and just because the wii has a new controller, that means it has better gameplay? does laggin under 30 fps mean gd gameplay to u?(jus an example), do u think that there wont be tons of gimmicks with that controller? how many games will be gimped because of it? lik fps games for example

    am i saying bad console? no, but ppl overhype it and most ppl dont even understand the pros/cons of the controller, how the controller works even
  7. The only dips in the Wii Hype has been the fact that the system will not play DVDs and the charging for most of the old school they were hyped up to all be free, only to be let down that they are going to charge a samll fee. (they should all be free, at least NES and SNES)

    Besides that, I favour this system, even if its not HD.
    The only Console i have is my NES. The Wii is the first system to intrege me enough to buy a console again...sure the PS3 looks appealing, but im not pay that.

    as for those ppl and there conserns with the romote, the system does have a traditional controler too.

    I can't honestly see there being any lag in the games they plan to release.

    The GPU and CPUs are up to date and are comparable to those you PC...

    the games are running only 480p...(640x480) when these procesors are used to dealing with 1024x768 as a minimum.
  8. It hasn't peaked or anything. People just tend to speculate a bit too much and, as a result, expect so much unrealistic goals of the Wii that for the most part it falls short. If you had kept a level head throughout all the time of mystery of the Wii, you would still be satisfied with the Wii right now. They didn't pull any punches on the price tag of the Wii. They said no more than $249.99. That's all they said. If you were looking for a $200 price tag, you must have been dreaming, because nobody in their right mind would believe that. Half the Price of a Premium XBox 360? You wish.

    Second of all, regarding the price of everything. The Console, I will say, is fair priced. On the other hand, the Wii controller is not. The Entire setup is for a controller (Wii Remote + Nunchuck Attachment) is reported to be at ~$60, which yes, I will admit, is a bit high. This is probably the only "bad news" that has come out of the Wii news as of now. Everything else is still as promised.

    Third, If you ask most people who had any interest in the Wii beforehand, and even the people who are posting here, people are going to go out and get a Wii regardless of the bad news, hardcore gamers and casual gamers and even some non-gamers and the like. Nintendo has a much wider audience than the PS3 and the XBox 360, so it's not going to be a surprise if it sells significantly more than the Gamecube or the PS3 for that matter. That's what Nintendo has been pushing this entire time. It was not made to compete with the PS3, it was made to be in its own group. All of those "analysts" who say that Wii will be in direct competition with the PS3 and the XBox 360 are just flat out ignorant and have no basis for their argument at all.

    Fourth, Somebody tell me how Zelda: Twilight Princess is less than spectacular. It looks stunning, even if its not at PS3 level. Who cares if it's not on PS3 level? It's still visually appealing and I'll be damned if it's not twice as fun to play. Hell, even Red Steel isn't all that bad. It could use some polishing, yes, but by all means, it's not a badly designed game.

    I think I'm done for now.....I'll post anything else that comes into my mind....
  9. With regards to Rob pointing out the sales on this system being estimated too high, I have to disagree. a little.

    NES did so well because perents could afford to buy it. Sure Atari and Sega were equally priced, but more kids had Nintendo and that perpetuated thier sales further.

    they same can and will likely apply here.

    i'm not saying that Wii will fly through 100 million units...but i don't think its out of the Question either.
  10. wait a minute...

    how many controllers does the wii come with?

    and how much do they cost seperately? if it's $60, then i could minus as well call the whole system $310.
  11. I would just like to ask everyone here who is in support of the Wii (not that I'm not, just not so eagered to get it for Zelda & Mario alone)

    1. How do you feel about replacing the batteries every 50 or so hours on this thing? price of AA bettaries are pretty expensive, I know you can use rechargebles but still, this is an added cost for the console which is an ongoing cost I might add.

    2. One thing I don't see many people asking is the issue of standing and playing, all the demos I have seen of the Wii have people standing and playing which makes sense considering the movements involved, I for one don't like to stand and game, and not many people I know do either.

    3. Yes their is a normal controller for games but two problems with it.
    3.1 Its an extra cost.
    3.2 It connects to the Wii wand controller instead of the Nunchuck, so its semi-wireless which just seems daft, they should've made it wireless on its own.

    Some thoughts and opinions on the points in question?
  12. I am sorry but I never got hyped up about this system. I own a Gamecube, SNES, Gameboy, Xbox, and a multitude of PC's. The GameCube never came out with a decent game either too childish (Zelda Wind Waker only took about 6 hours) or broken controls (Resident Evil) or no online support (phantasy Star Online). Also all the support seems to go to making stupid little games for the Gameboy while the GameCube rots. The Xbox had some of the best games, but has been left to die even though 3rd party support is going strong.
    I think PC's are defintely the best game platforms as you have a wide variety, few dictations, and they can play all games don't try Half life 2 on a PC then on an xbox it is slow and stammers, and this could be rectified if Microsoft allowed mods or processor changes.
  13. 1. The Replacing of the batteries does not bother me that much since it's at 50 hours. That's plenty of time since I don't play for huge amounts of time every day.

    2. That was probably because of a lack of a place to sit down. You can do just as well sitting down and simply flicking your arm as you do standing up and flailing.

    3. The Normal Controller is....I think $30 or $40 (we're referring to the classic controller for Virtual Console games right?) Which is not bad at all. The fact that it connects to the Wii Remote may as well make it wireless. Since you won't be swinging the classic controller around. I find the point of wireless is to extend your distance from the Console without having people potentially tripping the cord. So it still does that. You just have some weight hanging from the controller.
  14. It's kind of funny watching people get worked up over the Wii graphics. Everyone likes to talk about how it's not going to come close to what the Xbox 360 or the Playstation 3 can offer, how it's not realistic graphics, etc. etc. But graphics are never, ever the benchmark for a console's success. It's all in the software and the experience provided.

    I give a LOT of credit to Nintendo. They've finally learned to stop trying to compete against Microsoft and Sony in the graphics department. After the last Nintendo 64 and GameCube managed to alienate consumers and third party developers, after financial problems in their console sales, Nintendo's finally learned that to get back on track, they need to stop being a competitor and start offering something unique.

    And that's exactly what they have in the Wii. A unique experience. Unique content. They're offering something that Sony and Microsoft can't compete against.

    The reason they're not selling 60 million units anymore isn't necessarily their fault. Oh sure, they're to blame for part of it. But a lot of it has to do with the fact that video games have become intimidating. There's no learning curve anymore like there was with Super Mario Bros., when the hardest problem was using the control pad and a whopping two buttons. Now, we have these 14 button controller behemoths with two joysticks and a control pad that work GREAT for veteran gamers who know what they're doing, but do absolutely nothing to endear themselves to the new person that's never played a game before.

    And Nintendo's doing its best to fix that... it's trying to cut out the excess technology, the less-than-friendly user interface, and go back to the old days when video gaming was so simple, anyone could jump in and play. It's trying to get back into the market of not just attracting its veteran user base, but also going back and getting the non-gamer involved by making things as easy as using a remote control.

    That's not to say I'm a huge Nintendo fanboy... I still say the price point is crap (Wii Sports being included amounts to nothing for me, since it's really just a glorified tech demo) and I find the Virtual Console pricing just a little disappointing. And if the control scheme of the Wiimote isn't precisely figured out before launch, it's not just a few titles that turn to crap... it's the whole system. EVERYTHING about the Wii's success revolves around that Wiimote.

    But it's hard to argue with what the Wii is doing. It's offering something new, it's breaking down the wall between the gamer and the game. And in doing this, there's a renewed gamer interest in Nintendo. Even the long-alienated third parties of Nintendo's past are coming back to Nintendo and asking to be a part of this.

    Success, or failure... at least the Wii is doing something different in a pioneering way.
  15. Way I see it right now, Nintendo doesn't need a good launch and product, they need a perfect launch and product. I think they were close, but the devil's in the details, as they say. Here's a list of some of the stuff I would've done differently if I was in their place. The order is just how things surface in my mind, not relative to each other.

    The System itself
    1. Give the hardware needs more oomph. As people have said, this system looks like an overclocked Gamecube which is nothing impressive in 2006. Even within a few years, unless they squeeze out extra performance, it will start to look overly simplistic and underpowered. By 2009 I expect a lot more people will have HD sets at home, and unless Nintendo cuts the Wii's life down from the standard 5 years, it will look progressively more pitiful on HD systems.

    2. Make a damned DVD-playing program available for purchase and download. Sure, most people have DVD players. But if the Wii gives you everything a DVD player has, then not only can you remove a very large piece of redudant equipment from your entertainment center, but if your DVD player does break down or you want to replace it, it's a lot nicer to dish out $15-20 for some software on your slick Wii than to spend several times as much on a much larger self-contained DVD player which will require more cables. Adding the option for a DVD player doesn't hurt ANYONE, and it just might help some people. At the least it would reduce complaints about Nintendo telling lies.

    3. Allow for any USB devices to be used for data storage. Then, Nintendo can make standard 2.5 or 3.5" hard drives in Wii-looking cases, or Wii thumb drives. Being standard USB devices they could be used both for typical file transportation (Nintendo fans would love these, no?) and for storing and moving both saved games, game demos, and VC games. And for those who already have external drives, they can use their old stuff. I don't want to get SD cards to transport data, I doubt I'm alone on this.

    The controller
    1. Rechargeable battery. These days most things use build-in rechargeable batteries: portable media players, laptops, and even Nintendo's own DS. As a result, I don't have anything that requires AA batteries in my house, and have to buy them just for the blasted Wiimote. At $40 per controller bare minimum, these things aren't cheap, and I feel we should be getting rechargable batteries. It's not that AA batteries are expensive or hard to come by, they're just one extra thing I'd rather not have to worry about. I'd much prefer it if Nintendo made a recharging station for 4 controllers, standing them upright or at an angle for display while also giving you an obvious place to put them (because we all know how remotes tend to get lost otherwise) and recharging them.

    2. Get it right. They only have one shot at getting the controllers right, and if they don't the word of mouth power of "Don't get that, my son/friend/etc has one and it's too hard to control" will destroy the possibility to expand to larger audiances. What am I talking about here? In a number of videos I've seen, the controller crosshair has been constantly "jiggling" up and down, left and right, shaking just a couple pixels at a crazy rate. This might be because the user isn't holding it per-fect-ly still, or the system isn't calibrated right, or the lights were interefering with the IR sensors, or that the IR calculations were off by a pixel or two each time. Either way it is absolutely vital that they take care of this. Some sort of smoothing operation or feature might do it. If you're sniping for someone, or trying to select small letters on a keyboard, you don't want the crosshairs to be wiggling around like crazy.

    3. Cheaper nunchuk . I don't know how much the components cost, but it's lacking a lot the Wiimote has. For example, it doesn't have a 1 megapixel camera to locate the sensor bar, doesn't have a rumble feature, doesn't have as many buttons, doesn't have any memory, doesn't have a speaker, doesn't have components for the batterys... it's a piece of plastic with a thumb pad, two buttons, a connection cable, and an accelerometer chip. Maybe Nintendo is trying to make some money on this. Bad idea. Even dropping the price to $15 would be much more agreeable, they could bundle the Wiimote and Nunchuk for $50 putting it on par with a 360 wireless controller.

    4. Put 128 MB of flash RAM in each controller. Check some prices online. You can get this stuff for dirt cheap, we're talking on the order of several dollars to get 128 MB assuming that the price isn't marked up by eTailers, plastic housing and circuitry to hold the chips. Spend a couple bucks extra on each controller, put in 128 MB of flash RAM, and truly personalize it. Carry copies of your saved games with you whenever you take your controller with you (how many times have you heard "Oh crap, I forgot my memory card"?). Carry a small photo of yourself, a small image to be used as a decal (put it on a race car, character armor, clothing, next to your name, over your character's head in Smash Bros, whatever), all of your personal control settings (sensitivity, inverted, button mapping--these will be especially important with Wiimotes I think), and the like. A small price, a HUGE convenience, and something nobody else offers.

    5. Number of controllers...?! This isn't something that can really be "fixed" but think about the number of controllers and cables you'll have. First, 1-4 Wiimotes. Then, a nearly mandatory 1-4 Nunchuks (how many game devs are going to make games which DON'T require this commonplace control feature?). If you want to play older games you'll probably want or need 1-2 or maybe 1-4 Classic controllers, depending on the number of people in multiplayer for the older titles. Then you've got 1-4 Gamecube controllers sitting around, as your Wii as replaced the Gamecube hardware, but you still need the controller to play your games (or prefer it, in the case of say Super Smash Bros Brawl). There's the possibility of having 1-4 Zapper shells, if they ever make these, and if they work well. So let's do the math. For 4 people who want to be able to do everything, we're looking at up to 20 different pieces of hardware (with 12-16 being more realistic, as the Zapper might never launch and you probably won't have many Classic controllers sitting around). Let's go by the numbers (for 4 people) : 8-20 pieces of hardware, 4-12 cables, $180 to $340 for the controllers alone (assumptions made: Zapper sells for just $20, and $60 is shaved off each price as the standard system comes with Wiimote+Nunchuk). This is a serious amount of money, and it's only for the controllers which have been announced or previewed. There's the possiblilty for more stuff in the next 5 years...

    The software
    1. Drop the unspoken ban on more mature games. If you want the Wii to appeal to more people, you need the potential. A lot of people might want to play GTA or other similar titles. Mario and Zelda and Pikachu are all well and good, but sometimes you just want to rip into someone or cleave the head off a zombie. There is some hope though, a bunch of titles for the Wii are first person shooters, a bunch don't look kid-friendly, and there were some violent games for the Gamecube. Just make sure the software library is allowed to grow in this direction, and I think a bunch of people might pick up a Wii just so they can feel like they're part of a headshot-sniping sword-swinging bloodbath.

    The virtual console
    1. Drop the damn prices. I'm sorry but it's this simple: I already own a bunch of games, or I already have purchased and sold them off later. Nintendo already got their money from me. Those titles, N64 and earlier, have been dead for well over 5 years. Their budgets were not banking on additional income 5, 10, 20 years down the road from software emulation. If they made their money, then great. If they flopped, then they won't be available on the virtual console anyway. Point is, Nintendo GOT their money from us. The virtual console should be a thing to lure back the older gamers. They're not making new titles, they're not improving on old titles. And frankly, I can get N64 games off of eBay for less. Cut each price in half. Maybe you don't make a dime off the service. That's just as well, it's for us: the loyal fans who've already given you support.

    2. Offer a one-time fee for the Virtual Console. How about they make an emulator for each system to simulate the hardware? So instead of paying $5 or $10 for an N64 game, I pay $20 for them making an N64 emulator on the Wii, and then every game they have is free or nearly free. A couple cents each to pay for bandwidth and the time it takes to plug a '64 cartridge into a developer kit and copy off the raw data. Would I pay $30-50 for the software to play all of the (now free!) back titles for the Nintendo hardware? Absolutely.

    3. Provide special offers and the like. Have the system keep track of the titles you own, and maybe provide the ability to get free games based off of that. Say for every title you purchase, you get a handful of Wii points or for every x titles you buy, you can get a VC game. Or maybe if you have Smash Bros Melee and Smash Bros Brawl, you get the original N64 title for free. Load up all 3 Metroid Prime games, they get added to your profile, and you get one or more older Metroid games. Have every Zelda or Mario title to date? How about a free N64 or earlier title? This works for several reasons. First, the fact that you own all of the newer titles probably means you'd be interested in the older ones. Second, it means you probably already bought the older ones on their original systems if you're that much of a fan. Finally, it makes sure that the developers of that IP already got money from you. Other special offers: Metroid Prime 3 is coming out next week, so here's a nostalgic Metroid title for free.

    4. Online demos. Provided you have sufficient drive space on the system or connected storage, you should be able to download (for free) trimmed down demos, video, screenshots, and so on for new titles that are out or will be coming out. I think they offer stuff like this on Xbox Live, they should offer it via the Virtual Console too.

    Misc stuff
    1. The name for god sake. Yes, the logo is cute and you integrated both the controllers and made it look like people playing and made it sound like a sense of community (in English at least). Does it sound like a serious product? No. Does it even sound like a gaming product? No. It's memorable, but the game is gimmicky and I kinda feel silly trying to describe it to somebody who doesn't already know about it.

    2. Drop the price. For gamers, compared to the 360 and the PS3, $250 isn't all that bad (although hasn't everyone said not to compare them? Compared to the closest thing, the Gamecube, it's absurdly expensive at 2.5 times the price, and $50 more than the launch price). But if Nintendo really wants to reach a larger audience, $250 isn't going to do it. $100 for the Gamecube isn't even reaching the majority of gamers, much less Joe Average. Do you think that Joe is going to spend $150 more on what's basically the same thing with photo viewing and the ability to swing the remote rather than press buttons? $200 would be my upper bound for what might start to work. I guess the pricing will get better over time, but as it stands now the pricing is only going to fly for the actual gamer or the rich and curious.

    That's "all" I can think of now. So yeah, that's stuff that Nintendo should've done or should think about doing.
  16. Thanks for writing in, Skepitcal Gaming. I agree with your assessment. If I want super-photorealism for my graphics, well then I'll go wih PC gaming. But if I want my console gaming experience to be different and offer a unique style that I can't get with PC gaming, then I'll go with Wii. And I think that's where Nintendo is going. Why compete with PS3 and 360, which are already competing and trying to keep up with PC gaming?

    Here's what Dean Takahashi, who wrote two books on Xbox, told me a few months back: "You don't win the war in technology by making fewer blunders than the other guy - you win this type of war by out-thinking your competitors and implementing innovative ideas. This is why Nintendo really needs to be watched; they're doing things very differently than Sony and Microsoft."

    I couldn't agree more. The Wii may be a failure but I give Nintendo all the credit in the world for going in a different direction.
  17. I often find myself uttering, "Why were games back-in-the-day so much better than they are now?" Was it just the era where new games had more impact, or were they better games?

    I find that when you're restricted in the environment for which you're developing, you're forced to be creative to work around the restrictions within your environment. When you remove these restrictions, you remove a lot of the creativity that spawns great ideas; and great games.

    Now consider the large budget video games have, and the amount of that budget that is allocated to the graphics grows exponentially as the target system's complexity grows. Things like HDR and soft-shadows are more than buzz-words, they are technologies that require tending-to during design and development. Remove these and content-development receives a little more TLC from the budget department.

    It's been said that PS3 may be "Natural Selection" for gamers: because the cost for development is so high on a PS3, only games titles in which studios are confident will ever see the light-of-day on a PS3. The opposite can be said for the Nintendo Wii. Since development costs are so low in comparison to the XBOX and PS3, developers can take bolder chances with more innovative titles. Mix that with a crazy new controller, and I think Wii has the right idea.

    It's important to note that given the lack of success with the PS3 launch-titles, I'm not sure how much the "Natural Selection" theory holds true.

    Marketing the Wii as a "Family-friendly gaming system" is absolutely brilliant, and Nintendo will see a lot of success from this campaign. I'm also a big fan of Nintendo focusing on gameplay over graphics.

    Online services are hot right now, and if the Wii can deliver on their promise for "Better gaming" with some hot release titles and an adequate online system, I can see them coming out on-top. The XBOX 360 is a solid purchase that doesn't require you to "vote-with-your-dollars" on the HD DVD format war.

    The PS3 seems to be a risky purchase, and as much as the technology for the PS3 may be (arguably) superior to the competition, I really feel like the motivation is flawed. I may enjoy the PS3's technology leap over the Wii, but it doesn't seem to hold much over the 360, when talking how my games will look and feel. Will I really say to myself, "Wow. I wish they had this for the PS3?" Also, it's been said that the PS3 will "Be superior to current and new systems for the next decade." If Sony plans on keeping the PS3 alive for 10 years, they're barking up the wrong tree. All technology estimates show computing power increasing 10 fold by then. A new console in say, 4 years, let alone 10, will demolish the PS3.

    Ultimately, I'm not a fan of Sony's strategy to suck the blood from my bank account to offer a system that isn't tremedously better than what's out there (i.e. XBOX 360). A PS3 with 2 controllers and 2 games with a nice HD cable will run me > US$800. That's more than I spent on my HD TV. :evil:

    I'm a HUGE fan of Nintendo right now. Let's see if that sticks.

    I'm generally pleased with MS' XBOX, with tight windows integration, a great online system (LIVE!), and decent games. I'm NOT a fan of MS holding back Halo 3 for so long, and I've been dissapointed overall with the xbox title selection, especially in the variety department (Most of the really good games are FPS, with exceptions such as oblivion and DOA).
  18. the whole article is based on "feeling" and what the buzz is on forums? I wouldn't try to project the success of a system based on either of those things... (especialy forums) Even if the system isn't awesome enough to be your only video game system, its the cheapest new system, so the kids are more likely to convince mom and dad to buy it for them, and then the adults that would want the system aren't going to think hard about it, they'll buy both...

    I'm personaly buying a wii right away, but I'm not even considering a ps3 until one, the blueray/hddvd situation settles down; two, games like ff13 or other games I would acutaly want to play release; and three, the price drops...
  19. I definitely know a lot of people looking at the Wii for their kids and because of price.

    I agree with one person wrote earlier about Xbox/PS2 games not being 'fun.' There has definitely been a slump in the fun-factor of games in favor of graphics and bells & whistles.

    I'm solely a PC gamer, but haven't bothered to play any games except for old arcade emulators (MAME specifically) because the old games are actually fun.
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