Asus P4S533 - Changing Memory Voltage?

How do you change the memory voltage on this board? I am running jumperless but don't see memory voltage in the bios but do see it on the board. Question - Do I change the jumper setting on the board itself for the memory voltage and use the bios for cpu and other settings?

I did get the 512mb PC-3200OCZ running at 2.5 3-6-3 2T and it will run fine from a cold boot but hangs on a restart, will raising the voltage of the memory from 2.5 to 2.7 help this?

I ordered the memory before I read about OCZ problems and as long as it will run at the advertised settings (listed above) at 200mhz then that is fine with me. If not I have 6 more days to send it back for exchange. Would Corsair Extreme 3200 be any better?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. The memory voltage can only be changed with the jumper. I am running Corsair XTS (or whatever) PC3200 and it is stable. However, I have the core voltage up to 1.60 and am unable to increase the cpu/memory frequency ratio. In other words, I wouldn't get the Corsair RAM.

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  2. the jumpers should be located on the top-right of your motherboard...below asus' EZ Plug...
    raising the voltage may help be you wont know till you try.

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