GA-7VRXP & XP2100+ slower than my old 1.4Ghz TB

i have recently upgradged my pc and its slower than it was before :(

i used to have an MSI k7 master and 1.4GHz athlon. which i overclocked a little so it was running at 1.56GHz
in that pc i was a GF3 TI500 running at 245/550
a soundblaster audigy 5.1
and 256Mb of crucial pc2100 ram
with the most recent point release of q3 i could reach 171.1 fps in timedemo mode
i could also get around 11000 in 3dmk 2000
and 7500ish in 3dmk 2001

i recently upgraded to an XP2100+ and a gigabyte GA-7VRXP
with 256Mb of kingston pc2700, and a 350watt power supply
everything else such as gfx and soundcards and drivers are the same.

however now when i run my timedemo i am only getting 150fps.
3dmk 2000 is down to 7500mks (which i could get with my old tb and gf2mx)
i havent botherd trying 2001 yet cos i know i will not like the score.

the drivers i am using for the mobo are the factory ones and i havent flashed to bios, although i have been into it and set what i could.
things such as turning off the usb ports to free up the irq's so that non of the pci cards or gfx are sharing irq's.
that is all sorted now and there are no device conflicts but still it is slow.

so can somebody please point me in the right direction, cos i know that this pc should be running at least 200-220fps in timedemo mode and double what it is in 3dmark

the only thing i can think of is that i have missed somthing in the bois or on the setting up of the mother board.

one more thing i notice is that when i run the time demo without the soundcard installed i can get 220fps, should a sound card really make that much difference to the speed of my timedemos?

any help will be greatfully recived :)

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  1. i had some troubles like that when i got this mobo, try tweaking the bios a bit. Turn off anything you don't need, like the Raid and the USB2.0. Unless your going to use it, i would turn it off. When i did that, my score jumped up 2500pts on 3dmark 2001 se. I have close to the same specs as you

    Athlon 1900+
    GeForce 3 Ti200 (overclocked to a TI500 specs)
    512 megs of PC2100 2.0cas ram

    i originaly got a score of 5500 (which when i checked around was a really bad score for my card) I tweaked my bios a bit and hit just above 8000. So update your bios and look around for anything that you could change to help your score.
  2. Make sure you FSB isn't set to 100, otherwise you have an AXP running at 1300Mhz...not very fast then. You are using the Gf3 ti500, right? The Gf2Mx can't pull very high numbers in 3DMark 2001, but your Gf3 should get around the 8000s or higher

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  3. yes the fsb is running at 133, so there is nothing wrong there
    the grafix card stuff is basically as follows
    my old rig 1.4ghz tb gf3ti500
    q3 timedemo =168fps
    3dmk 2000 =10500-11000
    3dmk 2001 =around 8000

    now i have the new chip n mobo the scores are
    q3 timedemo 150fps
    3dmk2000 = 6000 (approx)
    3dmk2001 = 6000 (approx)

    changing the grafix setting has little impact on the results

    this is why i am thinking it is the mobo cpu combination cos it appears although the graffix just aint being driven hard enough.

    really i should be looking at 20%+ increase in most of these demos but instead it has cut some of my scores in half :(

    other than that i have done everything i can, tried various bios stuff to no avail.

    anyne got any ideas?

    ma wife can tell your fortune by looking in your toilet dave
  4. Please check my post in the "Gigabyte GA-7VRXP Problem" thread.

    I had the same problem when I first installed this board in my new computer. Basically I was not hitting any of the scores that were mentioned on the review web-sites around the net. It turned out that fail safe settings were loaded in the BIOS instead of optimized settings. Once I loaded optimized settings things were humming along nicely.

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