I would like to take a Poll on how many owners of the GA-7VRXP have got the RAID to function properly?

I've read a lot of compaints, but no support from people who have successfully got it to work, so I'm curious if there are any people that have got it to work? By work, I mean the OS loaded, and running at ful 2X7200RPM speed. I can get the OS loaded, but I get errors with the windows/sytem32/config/software or system files corruption all the time, and the RAID does not run at full speed, just at the speed of a single 7200RPM Drive according to Sandra 2002.

So lets see if we can't pool our knowledge, and get this problem out of the way.

Best Regards,
Lonnie Bailey
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  1. Just got the New GA7VRXP yesterday and am waiting for the Memory and I'm undecided on a Video card. I plan on stripping across 2 Maxtor 80 GB ATA/133's. I'll post back as soon as I get 'er up and runnin'! I'll keep an Eye out on other forums also. I plan on Documenting every step (which I usually do on all my builds); you'll get the solution I'm sure.
  2. m8, while your at it if you spot anything that would cause things to run really slow i would be interested to hear them

    more details in my other threads.
    i eagarly await a solution cos i am lost :(

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