GE Force 3 overclocking ability

Asus V8200 GE Force 3 card.
Can anyone tell me of any overclocking software?
What it will safely go to without damgaging the card?
Where to download?

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  1. I run my G3 at 240/500 and I could raise it a bit more but I didn't see the point. I'm running at Ti500 settings using Gainwards expertool, which I believe works with other Nvidia based cards too. you could always get the coolbits hack, which enables hidden features in Nvidia drivers that are already part of the drivers. you will gain a tab on your advanced display properties allowing clock adjustments.

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  2. BTW - there's a graphic card forum. Check in there, they might have some additional info.

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  3. Quote:
    Can anyone tell me of any overclocking software?

    NVidia's graphics drivers includes its overclocking software, only it's hidden. You need to edit Windows registry (that I wouldn't recommend if you're not familiar with this) to reveal it.

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  4. how to overclock
    A. the 'coolbits' registry patch
    B. powerstrip
    C. NVmax
    D. riva Tuner
    E. probably other utilities

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