Tom's Hardware, why no Battlefield 2 hardware benchmarks???

I can't for the life of me figure why THG refuses to include BF2 in most of their benchmarks. I have written them twice concerning this and received no reply. To be honest I think it is damned assinine for the most popular hardware site online to not have BF2 benchmarks. Anandtech has them and many other sites have them. Why would THG send a huge block of their visitors off to other competitors to find BF2 benchmarks??

Is there some business/marketing bs contract that is behind their decision to do this?
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  1. It's a CONSPIRACY nevermind the fact that the game is pants once the novelty wears off.

    Anyway isn't BF2 just a bit weird when it comes to performance on different pc's? Also it's heavily dependant on RAM isn't it maybe making it a bit off to use as a gfx card benchmark however this is just my uneducated guess.
  2. Its because its so damn buggy!!!!
    Damn you EA, Damn you all to Hell!
  3. No it’s because it was made as an online multiplayer game and has no real single player mode with anything scripted what so ever. So you could not make a fair comparison and if you could it would not give a true reflection of what the games performance is like.

    It may be a craply made game with really bad net code but it’s still the best of its class. Until there is anything better I will still be playing that game.
  4. Quote:
    i can understand RO being as it is but what the hell is BF2's excuse.

    People will buy it anyway. There's no incentive for EA to fix a product you've already bought! I don't think they have any professional pride to want to produce a good product.
    Besides, look how excited everyone is getting over Battlefield 2142 - anyone who has this on pre-order is either incredibly brave or incredibly foolhardy and naive.
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