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We use Nortel VPN to dial from home to our network at work place. I have just installed window7 trial copy, and I am wondering if window 7 VPN will work on my home PC instead of Nortel VPN? If so, how should I do that?

I installed Nortel VPN new version X64 in my home computer and I also have to use the remote desktop connection to be able to connect to my computer at work, but when I try to print a document on my home printer, it won't print and it goes to spool till I disconect from VPN and remote desktop. Does anyone have an idea what am I doing wrong.

Please keep in mind that I installed my Lexmark printer driver on my computer at work (Network), and each time I attempt to print from home while I am connected through VPN to my computer at work, I see my home printer in the selection of printers.

Please help me I am going nuts!!

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    Perhaps the Nortel client doesn't fully support Windows 7? If you have a local IT department at work, try asking them if this is the case?
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