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Hi y'all

I have 5 PCs,
How can I setup a system that allows the staffs use the computers
with their own accounts and passwords?
And for the privacy matter, each time they log-out, the computers will
automatically go back to the original state?
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  1. What type of office environment are you dealing with? How much of a budget do you have for this?
  2. Hi, rearendhat, thanks for the reply

    It is just for summer school - tutoring.
    The budget would not be a matter here since it is only 5 PCs,
    and I think we will be able to cover the cost.
    The goal is we would like to be able to use the computers with
    our usernames and passwords as well as be able to save our teaching
    matterials within these computers - each person can access to his/her
    stuff with their own passwords - no matter which computer they use.
    Hope this is clearly enough.

    please help us out.
  3. If you want to have anyone be able to access their files from any computer, then you will need to be setting up a network server and domain controller most likely. This means you have 5 computers plus 1 server, plus the server licensing involved. It gets to be more complex and expensive than you might think. The only other option is to give everyone flash drive and tell them "Don't lose this."

    It's a little unclear by what you mean that you want the computer to return to its original state when a user logs off. Are you meaning that the computer removes any changes made during that session, so if someone downloads files, browses websites, or makes system changes, that all of that is erased back to point 1 when that user logs off? If this is what you are looking for there are several ways to do it, most commonly with licensed software like Deep Freeze or Smart Shield. Keep in mind, though, that this is not ideal for a "work" computer as anything a person is trying to save to their computer, or additional programs they may try to install, or even bookmarks they save in their browser, will all be undone once that computer is restarted.
  4. The easiest way do this is to setup a domain controller and configure each user with a Roaming Profile so all their settings and documents will be available on each of the workstations. As choucove mentioned, there is server licensing, which would be $650.00, not including hardware. But, if all the server needs to do is Domain Controller and File Sharing roles, you dont need anything more than an old desktop computer with Server 2008 R2 installed.
  5. Rearendhat and choucove, thanks for the reply

    As Chouove said, it seems complex than I thought and more expensive to do set up a domain controller.
    We just bought 5 PCs with windows 8 this morning and was able to
    hook them up to the internet as well to the printer.
    Since neither of us familiar with Server 2008 R2 or Deep Free and Smart Shield
    And we have to do little research on those.
    But the point here is, can we simply set up something like "guest accounts" so that people can log on and
    do their things as long as the computers will go back to original state when the long out? (I meant the "orginal state" as Choucove explained) No matter have they saved their works or not.
  6. if you have a 6th PC you could set that PC to be a file 'server', which means that it allows other PCs to access a specified folder. you should be able to set up username/passwords to access the files and they will have to link the computer to the file server again when they log in, as the guest account shouldn't hold the password from the last student who used the PC. hopefully this makes sense, if not ask!

    for instance you could be sat on computer2 and you try to connect to a shared folder on computer6. the summer school student, using a guest or generic account logged into the PC in front of them will try to access their personal folder (held centrally on computer6) and will have to type their username/password to open the folder on computer6.

    I know this doesn't solve the clean start you would like but Windows isn't really designed for that type of working without having a full blown server ($650).
  7. The only way that I know of doing a static state computer system as you are looking for, Yanvn, is using a program like Deep Freeze or SmartShield installed on the computers. Deep Freeze or SmartShield basically creates a locked state on the computer. When the computer is running, the user can do whatever they want, such as install programs, download files, browse websites, and when the computer restarts all of those changes are erased back to square one. This can't really be done just within Windows, you have to have a special piece of software to do it and yes all of the ones I know about are purchase per license type software.
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