How can i check frame rates in Doom 3 and F.E.A.R?

Hi, does anyone know how i can see what sort of frame rates im getting in doom 3 and F.E.A.R? Just interested to see what i get thats all,thanks in advance.
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  1. Download a program called FRAPS it will tell you your FPS in any game.

    Im not sure what the address is, just google it!
  2. Yep, FRAPS is pretty good. I would recommend using 3Dmark06 over a FPS test though.
  3. Wasn't there some console command in Doom 3 which enables you to see frames per second? You can open the console in the game by pressing ALT + CTRL + tilde '~' (left of the button for number 1). The command might be 'benchmark' or 'gfxinfo'. You could also try using the 'help' command.
  4. Go to the console (i´m using this right now) by pressing Ctrl + Alt + "~" (tilde) at the same time then type (without the quotes) "com_showfps 1" and you will see that the game caps the fps count to 60. To remove this type "com_fixedtic -1" (thats a minus one ok) That´s what I use, guess it should work
  5. yup fraps is good, but lately i think there is somethign buggy with it, because i wwas playing medieval 2 demo, and it said i had low fraps like 30 or so bu tthe game run smooth anyways (in the zoom mode) same with call of duty i got 12 ftp's with all maxed setings but gameplay was smooth and fast as usual...maby this was a glich of some sort, but it seamed a bit odd
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