MTW2 DEMO performance concerns!

I read the required performance that they stated and I think it's nothing but RUBISH!. Here are my specs(just so u can get a general idea)
NOTE: i got the demo from PCgamer some went out early!

P4 3.0ghz processer
7900GT 256mb
2.5 GB of ram
(add X-fi soundcard but i dont think it matters much for FPS)

Now after playing the demo first on HIGH settings with everything in enabled at 1280x1024 I GOT AN AMAZING 9 FPS! though the units look great! now i bring down my setting to 1024x768 with all on medium at that im able to achieve some decent FPS(usually 19-27 lowest being 10) even then at medium setting you could tell it was no RTW graphics! i havent tried low settings yet but imagine it wont look to pretty at all. Now i have a solid and good comp but wow, wow, wow!

In all, I feel sorry for you people who dont have great comps yet want to play MTW2, simply MTW2 is a comp killer, a BIG one infact...goodthing DX10 is around the corner along with Unified Sharer(8800GT). Im think of buying a new comp now! and i have a pretty good one!
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  1. Well the thing about the Total War franchise is that it has always been very heavy on the CPU and Memory. Now you have enough memory but your CPU was only top end about 2 years and a few months ago. Unfortunately for this game you will need a much better one.

    A good example would be Rome Total War. I would get good FPS on that game, but whenever it dropped to an annoying level you could not get them back up. The game would run at the same speed whether I was using 1024X768 or 1680X1050, same with AA and AF. So unfortunately it looks like you will need to get a better CPU to replace that dinosaur.

    Oh just for reference I am using:

    X800XT PE
    AMD Athlon64 3500+
    2GB’s DDR400
  2. Dinosaur the 630 is indeed! im on the verge of buying a 6600 Core 2 but i would need new ram also, and im wating for the RD600 to come out because i want to crossfire new DX10 cards from ATI which im sure will be able to put MTW2 in its graphical place....
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