motherboard + win2k server probs

I just installed a tiger 230t mobo, have dual pIII 1ghz procs in it, and 1 gig of ram. I'm replacing my m tiger 230 with the new 230t because of the agp slot probs that the 230 had. The entire sysem that this board is connected to was in use with the 230 for the past year, working fine.

The problem now is, after the win2k loading bar completes, you hear the hard drive initiate as though it would continue to the blue logon screen, but the system hangs.... does anyone know if there is something in the BIOS or something that I hve to change? On a side note, I *can* get in to safe mode just fine.
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  1. have your company order technet and research the problem. you could also call technical support for win2k server. you could also try and update win2k but that might screw up any databases you have. I hope you did a full back up! that sucks!

    Otherwise should you REALY be using win2k server?

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  2. Yeah... I was actually thinking about switching to XP.
    I believe I have narrowed the problem down to my ehthernet card. I don't know why, but my netgear FastEthernet card doesnt work on the 230t.... worked fine for a year on the 230.. but not the 230t. I came to this conclusion when, after I reinstalled my system, (I had booted up and everything worked ok) I tried to reinstall the card drivers, and the system actually froze when the drivers were reinstalling. When I tried to restart, it went back to freezing after the bar loaded. I got in safe mode, took out the half installed driver, installed the driver fully, restarted, and it hung again. So, I got rid of the driver and started up fine.

    Prob now is, no internet :(.

    But seriously, has anyone ever heard of a frickin NIC causing a win2k hang?
  3. buy yourself a 3com. pay the extra bucks and get something good.

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