Quake 4 problem

I installed Quake 4 and everythign went fine, but when i try to start up the game it will show the little uqake logo then the screen will go black like its loading, then a whiteish like color, then it will close to the desktop. Ive tried reinstalling it, and as far as I know both my Video card and Sound card drivers are up to date. I even dled the most current patch for Q4 and it still does the same thing.

Here is my system
AM2 3800+
2gb Corsair value ram
Asus NF4 SLI mobo
WD Caviar 160gb HD

I havent tried installing the game on another computer yet tho, so I dont know if its possibly the CDs or my computer. Anyone else get this error? Or know how to fixi t?
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  1. Are your video settings for the game set too high so that it crashes due to monito or graphics card issue?

    Also do you have the latest patches for the game?

    A similar thing happened to me for halflife 2 .My old philips couldnt support the config so I actually had to hook it up to another monitor and change back the graphics option to lower to make it work.

    There is a cfg file that should have your settings for the game and it can be changed on th fly in notepad as far as I know.
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