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Ok, i'm new to this forum and i was just wondering if someone could help me pick out the mobo for my system.
I'm definately going Intel with the 2.26@533
My question is if there are going to be any new motherboards out which will make a signifcant performance increase by the end of summer.
I was also wondering if there was a big difference between getting the intel 845EBG2L or the Asus P4T333-C, performance wise.
i know the intel board only uses DDR2100, while the Asus uses the Rambus 1066, Is the $300 difference worth it? I'm not interested in overclocking at this point, so i would just like information on raw specs.
I do realize the Asus board would be overall faster, but i'm wondering about Visually faster, e.g when i run photoshop or do digital video rendering.
And finally would it be worth it to get the Asus board with 1/2 the ram i would on the intel board. for cost reasons. (512mb with the intel and 256 with the asus)
thank you
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  1. There should be no doubt that P4 works best with RDRAM. To get maximum performance from you 2.26 GHz P4, you should use a 850E chipset based board with RDRAM.

    RDRAM won't make your pc visually faster. A P4 pc with i845 chipset w/ SDRAM seems as fast as a P4 with i850 w/RDRAM (Visually). More ammount of RAM makes a pc visually faster. You should go for intel 845EBG2L w/ 512 MB PC2100 DDR RAM for visually faster performance and asus i850E w/ 256 MB PC1066 RDRAM for true faster performance
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