Game won't recognize Intel Core Duo - can I fix it?

I just spent a ton of money on an Alienware with Intel Core Duo that I thought would be the best way to play Sims 2, and now I find that the game won't recognize both processors so it thinks my computer has less capability. Is there any way I can get the game to recognize both processors?
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  1. The short answer is no, there is nothing broken. Some games simply do not support dual processor support. Regardless of dual processor support, you will still benefit from the raw speed the Core 2 Duo system gives you.

    If you're referring to a diagnostics application not properly reporting the Intel Core 2 Duo processor, don't worry - definitions are pre-defined and an application older than the processor won't display the name correctly.

    If you want to know what WINDOWS sees on your system, grab CPU-Z which is frequently updated with proper defitions.
  2. Thanks so much for your answer! Now I finally understand what I have gotten myself into for buying a laptop with Core Duo. It's very helpful to know that my computer can at least get some benefit from the processors even though the game doesn't support it. Thanks for the link, too.
  3. you cajn select the program to recognise only 1 core, though for the sims dont need 2 core's its not exactly a cutting edge game anymore, and for that matter it depends more on Graphics capability rather then CPU speed
  4. The first indication that I got that the game thought my computer didn't have maximum power was when it would only let me invite 6 Sims to a party, where on my old computer, with a less powerful graphics card and half the RAM, I was able to invite 8. So obviously even if the Sims is not that demanding, it's demanding enough to think that my core duo can't handle as many Sims on the lot as my old computer. That's why I'm wondering what else it thinks my computer can't do.
  5. have you tried to change it so the game is core spacific?
    if you start the program, then ctrl,alt,del change it so only 1 core is being used it might work better. I've heard that some games will not function properly using multicore
  6. No I haven't tried that. I read somewhere that sometimes the cores get out of sync so making it play from only one core can resolve that problem (they also said that there's a fix from Microsoft but you have to ask them for it; you can't download it from their site).

    The trouble is, the minimum CPU requirement for the game is 2 Ghz and that's what each core has, so if I restrict the game to one core, I really will be getting only the minimum, which is the exact opposite of why I bought the computer in the first place.

    I guess I just made a stupid mistake. I was focused on the graphics card and the RAM and assumed that dual core would be more than enough. They're coming out with Sims 3 next year so maybe they'll write it for dual core. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  7. dont forget that when they say that its needs 2 Ghz. it means for a Pentium 4 which isnt that much. and also for example an amd64 3000+ is only clocked at 1.8Ghz but will easily be able to play it. The acual relience on CPU speed is alot lower nowadays then it use to be. Thats why AMD had to use the + method on its K7 - 8 lines (using 2500+ rather then 1.7Ghz etc, makes it more attractive. specially since Intel was really pushing the speed right up.
  8. My knowledge of computer hardware amounts to about 2 bytes, so I don't really understand what you're saying, but if you mean that what I have already is enough, then that's comforting. But the sign that the game doesn't think so is that I can only invite 6 Sims to a party where before I could invite 8. Maybe that's the only difference I'm going to see, and I can live with that. Thanks for the information!
  9. Hi Again,

    He means some games have features disabled in a linear manner. In this case he's referring to the possible fact that your Core 2 Duo system has a lower internal GHz rating (even though it performs faster).

    The game is limiting it's feature due to that account. For example The Sims 2 is programmed to disable features for systems under 2GHz. Your Core 2 Duo system is (for example) 1.8GHz. Even though actual world performance benchmarks put your processor as a better performer, the game was programmed to see this GHz rating as a handicap.

    Look for updates on particular games to bypass this limitation.

    Don't be worried about the GHz rating - it's not a real indicator of performance with your processor.
  10. Thank you! I think I understand now. I do feel that, Sims 2 aside, I have an excellent computer, and will hope that the programming for next version of the Sims will take dual core processors into account.
  11. You went out and got a new laptop because you could not invite beyond a number of people into your house in Sims2… 8O What is this world coming too, the human race simply does not deserve to go on any longer. Bring on Armageddon and let all this sadness be gone!
  12. Perhaps if you had been sober when you read my post you would not have misunderstood what I said and thus be so disturbed by the state of the world. I said that I went out and bought a new laptop because I wanted a computer that would be powerful enough to handle the game without constant technical problems and so that I could enjoy everything that was available in the game. I play the game a lot, and enjoy it very much, so I decided to buy a computer that greatly exceeded the minimum requirements for the game (and would be good for other things besides the game, too).

    Then, and you would probably be pleased to hear this since you disapprove of the fact that I bought the computer (even though you don't even know me), I found that this new, SUPER GOOD computer could not handle a certain part of the game the way my old, much less powerful computer could.

    And that's why I posted about the core duo. I guess it's to be expected that when you expose yourself on the Internet, sooner or later someone is going to snipe at you or worse. When I posted here, I found two helpful people who explained things to me, and then I run into you, someone who is envious that I could afford to buy an expensive computer even though you wouldn't know me if you tripped over me and have no business commenting on what I do with my money. By the way, I don't own a car, or have a dishwasher, a clothes dryer, central air conditioning, or a plasma TV, so does that somehow offset the fact that I spent money on a computer? I will submit all future purchase requests to you for fiscal and moral approval. :x

    And your interests are: Interests: Drinking, Gaming, Sports & Women . How admirable. You really DO deserve to pronounce on the worthiness of other peoples' actions.
  13. I suggest you send your purchase requests for fiscal and moral approval directly to a forum moderator.

  14. I suggest that Cafuddled report his dissatisfaction of the actions of other posters to the moderator as well. :x :x :x :x
  15. Thanks for that mayiomoula, you almost got me in trouble in the office for laughing :lol:

    You might actually be happy to hear that I am quite sober, if not a little hung-over from last night. I would say my comment was nothing personal but on hindsight it was, but hey you really did buy that new laptop to play the Sims 2 and lets be honest here. Why would you need a system with that spec to do anything other than play that game, not like you will be doing any CAD work on it? Or will you, as you said I don’t know you from Adam.

    But you and I, we are two different people I believe. It sounds as if while I am out there becoming drunk and ‘trying’ to chat up women to ultimately take them to my bed while then passing out half way through the act. You are sat there with your shiny new laptop, which you appear to have spent all your available income on. In your very hot/cold house with your dishes piled up, jock straps hanging to dry and with an empty driveway on top of that. Playing the Sims 2 the game that will let you do and have all the things some people cannot do or have in real life in a virtual world.

    Well with what I have just said, you could mistake me for being a tad prejudice and you would be probably be right in the end. It’s not that I haven’t tried to play these games, I even tried to enjoy them. But I ultimately end up cheating, creating a mansion full of lesbians and then get very annoyed when they sneak under the covers or when they always catch you cheating on one another. I am human… no I am a Gamer, which just so happens to like drinking in excess at times. But I like games to be game, to have a goal. An ending. Even a story… Sims 2 just has none of these, at least not in any real way. That it why I believe Sims 2 should not be called a game, it should be known as an interactive soap opera.

    But anyway I am going off topic here on what was meant to be an apology has just turned in to a dig at you personally again… I am sorry. I cannot help my emotions flaring up every time I read something about the Sims. It was so unexpected too. Please for the good of all gamer kind can you please put a mental health warning on all tops started that involve the Sims.
  16. Quote:
    I suggest that Cafuddled report his dissatisfaction of the actions of other posters to the moderator as well. :x :x :x :x

    Everybody has that privilege, that is why the report button is there.

    On a more serious note: lighten up and do not take yourself so seriously. I thought your response to Cafuddled was pretty funny and well worded, everyone is entitled to his own opinions and purchasing policies. I just thought I'd join in for a good laugh not assuming anyone would take my remark seriously or as taking a position in the matter.
  17. Quote:
    But I like games to be game, to have a goal. An ending. Even a story… Sims 2 just has none of these, at least not in any real way. That it why I believe Sims 2 should not be called a game, it should be known as an interactive soap opera.

    It's known as a simulation [/golf clap]

    No really, the Sims (and 2) have a goal (multiple goals), it's just that you don't consider them worthwhile, right? Let's face it, it's imposisble to make games that everyone likes to to each their own I'd say.

    And in response to your statement:
    Well with what I have just said, you could mistake me for being a tad prejudice and you would be probably be right in the end.

    I think we can get rid of the "tad predudice(d)" and replace it with "prejudiced like hell" but it sure gives rise to some funny dialogues.
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