The Fall Games Preview, Part 1

The fall season has arrived, and with it comes a lengthy list of new games for current consoles, PCs and next generation hardware. Here's a look at nine top titles for the month of October. From Scarface to Sam
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  1. Can someome tell more about Fall games?
    Sorry, but I didn't see anything to get me excited. After Oblivion, there is nothing to look forward to. The only big titles I can think of is "Project Offset", Haze, and Crysis. The others seem like more of the same.
    Then there is GTA4 which won't be a console game until late 2007, let alone a PC game!
    It just seems I have a long wait.
  2. Umm, sorry to nitpick but.... its Necrons not Neocrons.

    Necron is kind of like necro which means death

    not Neocron which is kind of like a robotic version of the main character from an overrated series of movies.

    Just FYI

    Also, Balance? Since when was DoW balanced?

    Even before Dark Crusade Imperial Guard were just unfairly good compared to the rest.

    The Eldar had a major weakness of infantry that dies too easily and the green skins are just outright difficult to manage.

    The Space Marines and Chaos Marines are both Very strong with no significant weaknesses.

    Now in Dark Crusade you have the Tau which seem to be about appropriately balanced against the Space Marines and Chaos and the Necrons who are so unbelievably cheesy that they make the imperial guard look like pasty skinned frenchmen.

    I love the game but to state that the game is balanced is quite frankly a joke.
  3. Why were Neverwinter Nights 2 and Dark Messiah of Might & Magic left out of the list? Those are the two I am really looking forward to, other than Gothic 3.
  4. Yay gothic III. The gothic series is an acquired taste. But the NCP interaction is truly excellent.
  5. one game i cant wait for f.s.x

    i was going to get f.s.x and bf 2142 but after the bf2142 demo
    i think ill wait :D
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