360 on a standard def tv?

im thinking about getting a 360, but all i have is a 20" standard def flat-tube tv with component and s-video inputs, and, no it cant display at 480p, only 480i

so im wondering if its wortrh it, and i could use the family tv, its a 30" rounded tube, with only the standard av ports

just speculate on this sh!t....
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  1. anyone?....wtf
  2. Nope would be a waste of money, I could not stand playing on a standard definition TV. That’s why I got a VGA cable for the 360 and now play it on my widescreen PC monitor.
  3. Quote:
    Nope would be a waste of money, I could not stand playing on a standard definition TV. That’s why I got a VGA cable for the 360 and now play it on my widescreen PC monitor.

    Thats what i do when my dad won't let me use his 50" Sony SXRA
  4. how much does a vga connector cost? is it worth playing on a 19" crt flat tube, with lines going through the screen becauswe of old age?

    it can play at any of the resolutions the 360 can output, but how much is a vga connector?
  5. Once again you never fail to surprise me lionhardt. The people above have already given their input regarding your question. Why would you want to waste money on a 360 when you don't even have the tv to give the proper output. And to answer your question, NO IT ISNT WORTH BUYING A 360 TO PLUG INTO A HALF BROKEN DOWN CRT MONITOR.

    Heres a list of what you should do:
    - Get more money
    - Get a good gaming rig & possibly with a good monitor

    After you get those 2 settled then you can proceed on thinking if its worth buying 360.
  6. first of all, what do u mean by "you never fail to surprise me", when have i eveer talked to u before?

    wtf dude, ur mad nub in ur replies, its a fuacking forum, i am supposed to ask questions, god damn ur nubness, obviously i was asking were to get a fucking vga connector

    people like u on this forum, what most people call assholes, should just get fucking raped in the ass for being dicks....
  7. Hit the ignore button, forums full of assholes, but he's pickin on ya for some weird fetish reason.

  8. xb360 and all of the nxt gen console(wii to a lesser extent) will look gd on an sd tv, the textures will look more compressed and there will be lack of anti ailising, also the txt can be a bit blurry

    but it looks very good on an sdtv or edtv, and yea dont listen to half these ppl, the guy above moron for telling u to buy a gaming comp that will last about 6 months, not worth it

    Lolcb is more noob then u anyways, sad really

    anthoer way, buy a widescreen moniter at least 17 inch, because consoles render widescreen native, square moniters on a lot of games hav 2 black bars because they didnt program for 4:3 picture
  9. thanks guys, not all of the posters here are fags like lolcb, btw im 14, so im gonna sound a lil noobish, lol

    damn battle for middle earth looked craazy good at walmart....on the 360
  10. yea i play mine on a 20" SDTV and it does suck like in dead rising i cant read the text. I had bough a 27" LCD tv and i was playin in 720p and that was awesome (but i returned it because i needed the cash). Its frustrating on a SDTV but because i am not rich like some i am use to it. When i have 50$ to spend i am gunna buy the vga cable but until then i just deal with my TV. It is bearable but sometimes it doesnt feel worth it when you paying 60$ a pop for a game.
  11. you dont have to be rich to play 360 in HD, just get a 21 inch CRT monitor 2nd hand,everyone wants a flatscreen nowadays, and a a 21" CRT is bulky, thus they are going for peanuts! I got my NEC FE1250 21" for £20 a few weeks ago, and it Gears of War looks so good I want to cream my pants.

    If you cant get a CRT, it is ok to use a 17" monitor, but not much good for multiplayer where the screen may be divided.

    If you cant even get one of those, then yeah, I have several friends who use standard definition TVs and it looks fine, I mean, your not getting the full potential, but dont stress about it.
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