Help with MB, ATA controller card and HDD

Hopefully someone can help me....
This is my situation:

I have a 2 Channel Ultra ATA/100 PCI IDE Card (PCI2IDE100) Made by Startech. With it I’m trying to run a Maxtor ATA 133/100 40 GB drive (6L040J2). My MB is an ASUS MB (P/I-P55TVP4 ) BIOS version 0204 (latest one)
Win98, Intel 200 MHz, 64MB of EDO ram, ATI Xpert98 8MB Vid card, SB16, Aopen NIC
This has happened even after a format and only the vid on the board. I reserved IRQ 9 (have also tried another slot and other IRQ) for card. Was able to load drivers and rebooted. Card was in while loaded to normal mode. Shutdown and connected the drive...would not boot to normal mode. Can boot to safe mode. Able to use the drive in normal mode while it runs in MS-DOS compatibility mode. To do this, I blow away the device manager entry for the card and not load it when getting back to normal. Windows sees all the drive. I’m able to format fine. Have loaded files to it but it's very slow. I’ve used the drivers from CMD Technologies (chip maker) and Startech. Bios on card is version 1.86
I’ve disabled both IDEs on the board, disabled them in windows. No bangs in the device manager. I run the drive alone on the primary channel of the card.
Right now the card is on IRQ 12. (suggested by someone) but no difference.
Anybody please help!!

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  1. I hear such frustrating problems often, and they are often very difficult to troubleshoot. The only thing I can suggest is what I usually suggests: In order to discern good from bad parts you must test them individually. E.g. by moving the HD/controller to another mobo. Obviously you probably dont have the extra hardware but I dont see another alternative (perhaps a good friend of yours will allow you to test the controller in his PC?). Such a complex system has simply to many variables and unless someone else have had the exact same problem and knows what to do, you must reduce the number of variables by identifying good and bad parts.
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