Anyone know of USB issues with nForce boards?

I recently put together a system based on the A7N266 (Athlon 1700, 1G PC2100 SDRAM, nForce chipset). I installed XP on it and up to now it's been running terrifically. A USB printer is attached to it and works fine.

The trouble started with the purchase of a Creative Jukebox 3 (it's a hard-drive-based mp3 player). This player connects to the computer via a USB port. I installed the latest version of the driver as well as Creative's management application. The OS is Windows XP. I'm running the latest BIOS for the A7N266, plus the latest nForce drivers downloaded from nVidia's site. The firmware for the jukebox is the latest revision.

The problem is, the connection is very unreliable. File transfers done one at a time work OK, but if a batch of files is transferred at once, the application seems to lock up after anywhere from 30-100 files. After the lockup the app must be killed, the device rebooted, the USB connection severed/recreated, and/or the computer itself rebooted to clear the problem.

I realize the jukebox just came out and it's bleeding-edge. But I can't believe it's this bad! Swapping it for another unit hasn't helped, so it's definitely a software/firmware issue. Would I have better luck with an Intel-based system? Anyone have any experience or thoughts?
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  1. i have had that problem with an external hard drive, it did exactly what you describe when it was running on usb power, when i plugged in the external power it was fine. maybe you could try that.

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