Any help chosing motherboard is much appreciated!!

Alright, I am not really knowledgable as far as motherboards go, so if someone could help me choose a board I would be very grateful. I am looking to upgrade to Socket-A board, for use with an Athlon XP Processor. As well I have an MSI GeForce4 Ti 4200, and an SB Live! card. From what I have read so far, there is the KT266 and the KT333, and due to budget restrictions, I think the KT266 chipset should be sufficient. I need minimal special features (ie don't need RAID or anything), I'm just looking for good functionality and possibly some good overclocking abilities. Thanks so much,

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  1. About $75, the Epox 8KHA+ offers a Kt266a chipset, and good overclocking potential.

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  2. Epox all the way. fast mobo and overclocks insanely...
    my definite next upgrade candidate.
  3. For Stability, think Abit.

    Abit KX7-333 (KT333 chipset) for about $90 is a great choice. Stable
    and a very good overclocker.

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  4. Nope, best board for that system is most likely the MSI 745 Ultra. Good news for you, it cost only $65 at

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  5. Asus A7V266-E is great. I have it for a few month it is very stable.
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