Making an Install Disc From a Preloaded Installation

Hi all,

Recently I purchased a refurbished laptop from Circuit City with W7 preloaded. However, they did not include any sort of media with it aside from the free antivirus; no repair/install disc, no drivers, nothing. I was wondering if it is possible to create a W7 install disc from the preloaded installation of W7 and how it is done if it is possible.

Thanks in advance
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  1. you might have a recovery partition on your harddrive (which would accomplish the same task)
  2. Right now, there are only 2 partitions on the laptop: OS(C:) and DATA(D:)
    From what I understand, the OS partition will enable faster booting while the DATA partition stores lesser used files. There is no recovery partition at all.
  3. If it is an Acer laptop, then there is a recovery partition... it is just hidden. You invoke system restore by pressing Alt-F10 at the BIOS screen. You can also create your own recovery media using the software included. (You are supposed to do this anyway, pretty much all OEMs have gotten away from including recovery media in the box) Now if the laptop hasn't been loaded back to factory, then it would be up to Circuit City to provide the media they used.
  4. It is an ASUS refurb. To be honest, I guess what I really want is an install disc instead of a recovery option; I've had bad experiences with recoveries. Is there a way to take my preloaded install and turn it into a bootable iso?
  5. No, it is not possible. I bought one from best buy. No media, no recovery partition, and the factory disc creation didn't work. I kind of expected it.

    You could use Acronis, or farstone to make a snapshot, but thats not really what you are looking for.
  6. i have a Dell N5100 which came without an OS. I have a windows 7 dvd which is not the same OEM that i want to install on it. i want to make the system preloaded cuz i want to sell it as brand new. which mean the buyer must be the one to register it.
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