Another issue with the GA-7VRXP

My HD is on my 3rd IDE channel.. That is the only IDE channel that it will be recognized on. But whenever I put my DVD drive on my primary it works like a charm.

Rundown on my system right now
Primary IDE: DVD
Secondary IDE: CDRW
Third IDE: HD

Oh this is an IBM40 GB UATA100 drive with a LiteOn CDandDVD drive with a Windows 2000. Plus it decided that it didnt want to read my E partition when I first booted.. I did a scandisk and the scan came back as the HD was damaged. I didnt know what the heck was happening so I did scandisk after scandisk because all my work was on my E drive. After the 5th time I decided to bite the bullet and actually format the HD. I started the format and all of a sudden boom BSOD I am like oh no what just happened.. I rebooted it and No OS could be found. Even the WindowsXP CD couldnt find my HD on the primary controller. I got my computer back up and running along with all of the data that I had thought I originally lost... But my HD still wont run on anything but my 3rd controller. ODD..
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  1. Disconect your dvd and cdrw and see what happens from there. The hard drive should be set at primary and from bios set it at the first device. Hope this helps
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