my mobo - plz tell me what u think of it

I'm gonna buy me a whole new pc real soon... and I've made my mind (almost) bout the mobo I'm gonna get, my main use will be gaming, and don't ask me bout the exact price, cuz I just don't know (though money is of course a big issue so I couldn't just select the ultimate parts) just tell me if in terms of performances my mobo will offer a good gaming experience:-

chipset: SIS 645DX (probably ASUS P4S533 or ABIT SA7)

memory: 256 pc2700

Graphic card:
GeForce 4TI 4200 128 megs (not sure bout the firm though, and I'm not concerned bout it 2 much cuz I'm not intrested in the all-around bundles, just the card itself).

probably a maxtor with 7500 RPM (UDMA 100 of course)

what I'm not sure about is whether I should go with 645DX chipset (and thus gettin pc2700) or go 4 the 845E (and thus gettin pc 2100)???
also, is 256 DDR enough or does goin with 512 dramatically improves gaming experience?
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  1. First of all the extra 256MB DDR does not visually improve your performance, except for hardcore CAD/CAM applications and decoding. I'd recommend the 645DX (P4S533) for great performance along with 256MB PC2700, and save your money for something else.
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