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I am trying installing a Athlon Xp 2000+ in a Asus a7v333 MB. I have left all jumpers and settings at default so far and am recieving the message Sysem Failed CPU Test. What Jumpers or settings do I need to change from default to get the sysem working or do you think the Chip actually bad?
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  1. Hi, I have the same motherboard.

    And I can give you two options:
    You did not put the CPU in the correct orientation.
    So it could be that you need to rotate the CPU (with the nothced or golden corner) in the same corner of the socked (462) where the lever is standing in a 90-100 degrees.
    But I really hope you allready put the CPU in correctly. If not the pins could be bend and then you probably have a damaged CPU. :( no good. So I recommend that you go to your reseller and let it be checked.

    If you did put the CPU in the correct Orientation and the CPU did drop easily in the socked... then there could be an hardware malfuntion on the mainboard or the CPU. But this can only be tested by changing the mainbord or the CPU. This is not easily done. Because most people don't have a second CPU or the exact same mainbord as a backup. So again I want to refere you to the reseller and ask for support.

    And read the manual thurly.
    I hope I helped you in giving answers to you problem.

    Let me know what whent wrong?

    Siging off Bendor@ Celleron
  2. So the board should work with that chip right out of the box? Ok well The chip dropped in easy and seemed to mount fine. I did remove it and re-seat it just to make sure. Everything else seems to be working fine. The board is able to give me it's vocal message about the CPU and all the fans and Disks seem to work fine as well. I guess the next step is to return the cpu and try again. Thanks for the confirmation.
  3. So the board should work with that chip right out of the box? <--- don't really know what you mean with this line. Explean me more... please

    But as I read the rest of your reply, it really seem that you have a broken CPU.
    Because the POST-messanger on your motherboard works fine. So I see no problem on the motherboard.

    But let both your hardware be checked, just to be sure. And let it be put in the garanty!! They can't ask you to pay money for this, only software problems they can ask that. This is clearly not a software problem. So keep an eye on that to.

    I'm gonna continue woth my work, good luck MadDog.

    Let me know what happend?

    Signing off Bendor@ Celleron from The Netherland
    Design Federation 1978-2002
  4. Something else you may consider is that you may have placed the CPU in the socket 180 degrees out.

    en Xristos
  5. Another suggestion here. Your board could be shorting out on your MB risers or on something else. Make sure nothing that isn't supposed to be touching the MB is. Make sure you have pulled out all the mb risers not in use. Also insulate your mounting screws from the motherboard.

    Another posiblity, the bios is hosed.
  6. It appears the issue was the Board shorting to the case. I took it out and it worked fine. The other issue was my Video card was only displaying SVGA so I couldn't see the Bios screen even when it started.
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