Capture The Server Tournament

Hey gamers,

We're hosting a CS Source Deathmatch tournament this upcoming Saturday where you can win your own dedicated gaming server. Check out the specs:

* AMD Opteron 275 Dual Core
* 160GB SATA Hard Drive
* 2048 RAM
* Bandwidth: 1500GB
* Featuring the xCommand Control Panel
* Root access

40 minutes, best score wins. For more information go here:
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  1. Just to clarify, unlike services by most gaming hosts this is not a slot server - meaning you get this box fully to yourself. We offer a full range of on-demand, instant-access games including: CS 1.6, CS:Source, CS:CZ, BF2 (unranked), COD2, COD:UO, DOD, DOD:Source, Doom 3, HL, HL2 DM, RTCW:ET, Q3 Arena, Q4, UT2K4, and even Teamspeak and basic Ventrilo.
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