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Ok so ive been running windows 7 on 2 160gb seagates fro about 2 years now and the time has come that i get a new hdd. Great so i ordered the Western Digital Caviar Black 750gb hdd (WD7501AALS) And attempted to install windows 7 ultimate 64bit. After waiting for the installation to go through it finally came down to the final restart. So after seeing the Windows logo animation the screen goes black and the monitor goes to standby mode as if the computer had been put to sleep. I dont know whats going on?!?!? I have gotten new ram, gpu, and a few other things such as case and fans, but i cant get the install to complete... Im at complete loss here im hoping someone can help me with this issue! Thanks to all in advance! The current install is running great. Also when you boot up in any safemode options its shows the bar, but says install will complete after restarting since it cannot finish installing in safemode.
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  1. so I am assuming the Disk is 2 years old, maybe corrupt(like us old geezers), can you ghost the installation?, or download a trial(if avail)
  2. Well I thought about that, the drive is pretty new, i just got it off of Amazon, but the drive wasnt packed properly at all. It was bouncing around in there without padding or anything to hold it down secure. I think im gonna return it and get the Samsung Spinpoint f3.
  3. Well i have sloved my own problem. Turns out that the EVGA 680i boards APCI thing is faulty and needs the bios update 33. In this update the apci is fixed and larger harddrives could be used. But i just used acronis to clone the hdds. All is well now.
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