My New computer freezes and restarts on its own!

Help, I just built a brand new pc. There are two problems.

The first is that after about 20mins to 1 hour of use, the computer will just freeze up, and I can't move the mouse or control alt delete. I have perform a hard-reboot to get out of it. This problem has happend twice on the login to windows screen, several times just on the desktop, once playing a game, and several times playing music.

The second problem is that sometimes, for no reason, with without any userinteraction, the pc will just reboot itself(Has only happened when playing MP3's, but I haven't tried much else)!!

I have monitored the System/CPU temperature and they are both within the acceptable range. I have also monitored the power coming into the system and it is clean.

Any ideas as to what can cause this mess? I am wondering if it is a bad component, or if I have something setup incorrectly(like the busspeed, or the memory settings) in the bios. I am using the gigabyte 333 7VRX model motherboard with 512meg of samsung 333 DDR ram. Using AMD 2000 XP processor. I have the Maxtor 40gig ATA 133 harddrive, and my motherboard has a built in promise controller. My video card is the Leadtek TI 4400 Geforce4. My sound card is on the motherboard(creative chipset). I have a toshiba DVD rom drive, and an AOpen CDBurner. My Powersuppy is a 431W Ermax P4/AMD approved.

I am running windows ME with all of the latest updates and patches.]

Thanks again for your help,

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  1. Get rid of ME, seriouisly it's a horrible buggy OS. Go back to 98SE or upgrade to XP! You'll be happy you did, especially if you do XP, it's a wonderful OS!
  2. i think a lot of people with that mobo had to up the core voltage for stability. I don't own the board so Im not sure, but you might want to look into it.
  3. yes... the latest batch of gigabyte mobo's have had problems.

    try increasing the core and ram voltage 1 setting up.

    now i know u said the input power was clean, but what were the actual readings for you 3.3v and 5v rails?

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  4. There is a thread in the games section you might want to check out. Not sure if this is your problem, but worth a looksee. Thread is posted on 7-3-2002 the last I looked under freezes.
  5. Why the hell i am here? Its not 2002, its 2015!
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