Far Cry 32 Bit on a C2D E6600 with slow loading times!

Um, does anyone here play Far Cry anymore? If so, does anyone know if there's a patch for dual core computers. It literally takes about 2-5 minutes for Far Cry to load a level. Even then, it also hangs up when starting the game. Anyone have any ideas?

P.S. I've tried googling and all I get is AMD dual core patches :(
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  1. You need a new hard drive, loading times have very little to with your processor.

    EDIT: I'm very sorry, I didn't see your specs, I guess I assumed.

    Do other games load slowly? Is far cry the only one? Also, which drive is this game loaded on, and are your seagates RAIDed?
  2. No, the seagates are not raided. The game plays smoothly, but for some weird reason, takes forever to load.
  3. A dual core patch...

    I'm trying to make the connection here as to why you're posting your processor, and asking for dual core patches or whatever to make your game load more quickly...

    The processor has little to do with loading a game, I think that your harddrives are reaching capacity, they are simply slow, or you have patched the game and now it has a lot more to load.

    Getting a better processor won't help your game load times. Unless I'm missing something, as I've never used far cry.

    Do you mean forever to load as in compared to what you're used to, what you used before hand? Or really slow as in you expected it to be faster due to the processor upgrade, or he fact that you have a new processor and you installed and expected it to load faster. Regardless, with that much memory, it couldn't be having problems loading that into it.

    If you want performance, I suggest you buy a faster hard drive, as the hard drives I see in your sig are all fairly low performers.


    You'll notice here that the hard drives I think you have are near the bottom.
  4. Well, that post was in October. I have yet to retry it, but I don't think it's my hard drives. I think the problem lies elsewhere.

    My old computer that loaded the game fast and ran fine:
    AMD Athlon 64 3200 NewCastle @ 2.2 GHz (Stock) w/ Zalman 7000Cu
    ASUS K8N-E Deluxe nForce 3 250GB
    Corsair XMS 2 Gigs @ DDR400 2-3-3-6
    PNY GeForce 6800 w/NV5 Silencer @ Stock Speeds
    Western Digital 200GB SATA2 @ SATA1

    That's all the factors that are from my old computetr that I see (to my understanding) deal with the performance of the game, as far as load times go.
  5. Btw, my hard drives aren't on there.

    They're Seagates ST3160811AS, not ST3160827AS.

    There's a difference in technology there.
  6. How full are your harddrives, and have you done any tests to see how your hard drives perform? After 80% capacity for a hard drive, performance dips for a lot of hard drives.

    Regardless, let's use the process of elimination.

    1) It is very, very unlikely that a new processor like this would have any effect on the load times of a game, especially a bad one. If you look at your cpu usage while in task manage during the time the game is loading, your processor has a very, very small chance of staying about 50% for very long. Also, it's not a dual core issue. Even those games weren't written for dual cores, this means that they were not optimized for it, windows should still handle distributing among both cores what would have previously been made for one. This will not affect load times.

    2) You have 2 gigs of memory, and the most memory intensive games I've seen take about at most 1 gig, so you should have no problem loading the models into memory and what not. Really, you shouldn't.

    Did you turn up the graphics a lot since last time you played? What exactly has changed? I'm not an expert game designer, but if you change the texture quality, I'm pretty sure that requires more and larger files to be loaded from the hard drive.

    3) I can't imagine the video card slowing down your loading times.

    What else does that leave?

    and "ASUS K8N-E Deluxe nForce 3 250GB".

    250 GB? What do you mean?

    Perhaps you should try benchmarking the hard drives. Also, how much faster did your old system load this game? In under 2 minutes? in under 1 minute?
  7. 250GB is part of the nForce 3 chipset name.

    Other than that, all my other games (CS:Source, HL2, Battlefield2, Battlefield2142, Oblivion, Rainbow Six Vegas, etc.) run flawlessly. I'm installing the game right now and all the patches to see if I still have issues. Will report back with any findings.

    Don't know if I clarified earlier, but the 2 Seagates are not raided. Nor is the primary one that full.
  8. Playing the game, it's fine. Loading the levels, takes ridiculously long. I'm talking about at least a minute and a half! I tried to just put the game onto one core rather than it running off of two, but that didn't change much. I have the Logitech G15 keyboard and was monitoring my CPU Load and Memory Load during the game. During load, the game was using both cores, and barely hit the 50% mark, so I have no idea. I've also already patched it to 1.4.
  9. I downloaded the demo, and it took 15 seconds on my Raid0 array with two raptors.

    Maybe it's just a big game? When did you experience faster loading times?
  10. On my Athlon 64 computer. Other than that, I don't know. I don't play it that much really, I just thought I'd test it out.
  11. game loading mainly depend on AMT of RAM And HDD Speed,Intrface

    is ur RAM runing in dual channel mode??? if not thats the prob
  12. game loading mainly depend on AMT of RAM And HDD Speed,Intrface

    is ur RAM runing in dual channel mode??? if not thats the prob
  13. I disagree. My AMD Athlon 64 3200 doesn't even support Dual Channel Mode since it's socket S754. But anyways, I use to run the game on a Seagate Barracuda (sp) that was hooked up by parallel ATA and it loaded fairly faster than my current build. Oh well, I had to uninstall it to make room for some other programs, so no biggy anymore. Besides, I've already beaten the game.
  14. I had the same problem in Farcry, but it only happend once, and everything ran fine afterwards. Try loading the game with every setting turned down, once your done, get back to me... I have a theory.
  15. If I remembered correctly, after the game loaded, it ran just fine. It just had to load once.
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