Trouble with A7V133

I have a Asus a7v133-vm mb. When I try to enter the BIOS setup, nothing happens. I dont get any response.
When it continue booting I get the message "Bios checksum error" and it tells me to insert a system disk.
I do so(w98) and i get the promt. when i try to run FDISK it tells me that it cant find any HD.
I need some HELP!!! Why cant I enter BIOS setup??
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  1. grab your motherboard manual and look this up:

    'Jumper reset the CMOS!'

    And do this on your motherboard. And your CMOS should asseble again. Goodluck!

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    I have this motherboard, too. It doesn't hurt to replace the battery, that's for sure. If that doesn't help, to clear your BIOS, you have to short the the jumper headers. They're labeled "CLRTC". You'll need a demagnetized flathead screwdriver. First, unplug the computer and ground yourself by touching a metallic, non-painted part of your case. Then, hold the screwdriver over the jumper points squarely for 10 seconds. If this doesn't clear it, try again. (BTW, I hate that there aren't jumper pins to help us out, but what can you do...)

    Oh yeah, the location of the CLRTC jumper points can be shown on page 14.

    Good luck!
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