Opinion on Soyo Mobo, Socket 478 w/Brookdale i845

Newbie here. I've searched the boards and cannot find any info on the Soyo SY-P4IS2 mobo with a P4, 1.8GHz processor. This is part of a "BareBone System & CPU" sold at Fry's Electronics. What I need to know is if it is a stable, user friendly board. I will use it primarily for internet surfing.....I'm not a gamer.


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  1. Here's a review here:

    I would not get this! It uses SDRAM! Might as well just buy a pentium 3. I'm serious.

    Look into the boards that have the 845E chipset and DDR.

    look into the:
    ABIT BD7II 845E
    Samsung PC2700 memory or corsair PC2700 DDR memory
    and the P4 1.8A ghz, make sure you get the one that has the "A" after the number.

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  2. Save your money for the next sale. They run ads constantly. Their ddram memory is reasonably priced when on sale, but don't expect it to overclock. I found a pricey P4 2.26 and Soyo combo at my local Fry's recently, but fried the bios with a bad flash. The board was the Soyo P4s Dragon ultra with sis 645dx chipset. Very solid and stable, with agp lock for good overclocking. Look for a combo with sis 645, 645dx, or 845g when they arrive. The Intel 845g is the newest chipset, but don't know if Fry's carries it yet.
  3. Thanks for the responses. I'm under the gun to get a computer by Thursday so that's why I'm focused on Fry's (in Dallas). I think I'll take the pressure off and take my time and order a system similar to what xxs8er suggested......maybe from Newegg.com I'm not an overclocker or gamer so a lot of the speed from these screamers are wasted on me but I can't bring myself to get an E-Machine either. I want something that I can brag about, I can grow into and support any new applications that I get into down the road that require more power.

    Dumb question......will my PC100 memory be compatible with a DDRAM system?

    Thanks everyone.


  4. Quote:
    Dumb question......will my PC100 memory be compatible with a DDRAM system?

    no...and thats not a dumb question...ive seen worse...much much worse...

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  5. definately not
    sdram uses 168 pin sticks with 2 slots, DDR uses 184 pin sticks with 1 slot... completely different.

    however motherboards DO exist that let you use one or the other. i owuldnt advise it though.
    SDRAM is just old, and PC100 sdram is even more obselete.

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  6. I would expect a P4 1.8 with SDRAM to perform about the same as a PIII 866! Maybe slower!

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