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MoBo - DDR & PC133 SDRAM - More than 1 gig limit?

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July 2, 2002 11:50:21 PM

Hello all,

I have search a lot on the internet. I find nothing more than the respectable Elitegroup K7S5A Mother board.

I plan to host a free game server with an Athlon XP. I want a MB that can take the latest technologies and support my 512 meg RAM for a while... In 6 month I want to buy more than 1 gig RAM for my game server (i Hope 2 gig).

So do you know a mobo that can support PC133 RAM and lastest DDR RAM? If yes, can you give me the model and the CIE that create it?



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July 3, 2002 12:36:49 AM

Hey A,

IMHO, the ECS mobo is not worth the time it takes to find out if you have a dead mobo......I have used 2 K7S5A mobo's, the first one runs great, the second one was DOA(& it took me 2 days to rule out everything, & get a RMA).

I believe your best choice would be to get a SD-Ram mobo or a DDR mobo, not a dual ram mobo. Since you already have the SD-Ram, I would get a MSI K7T Turbo2-$65 USD or Shuttle AK12A-$49 USD both using the Via KT133A chipset, prices from Good Luck.

Peace Out........tile

god knows your entire system setup & he would answer your questions if he could just stop laughing
July 3, 2002 12:55:09 AM

I understand what you mean. But If I have 60 USD over for a SDRAM mobo, I can put the 100 USD for the DDR memory. I don't wont to waste in only SDRAM mobo.

Your mobo was dead? What have you done? DOA and RMA means something?

Thanks to take time to answer,

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July 3, 2002 2:27:22 AM

K7S5A is a decent board if you get one that works, depending on how much time you have, I'd say it's worth a shot.

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July 3, 2002 12:21:41 PM

Hey A,

"But If I have 60 USD over for a SDRAM mobo, I can put the 100 USD for the DDR memory. I don't wont to waste in only SDRAM mobo."

My take is: either you want performance or you want low prices. Using your old SD-Ram, is a budget move, not a performance move. Like wise any mobo that uses SD-Ram, including the ECS K75SA, is a budget move. The SiS 735 chipset(like in the ECS K75SA) is a pretty good chipset, performance wise. The nForce 415/420's, KT266A, KT333 & SiS 745 are all better chipsets performance wise. If you could get a SiS 735 mobo with just SD-Ram slots, I would tell you to get it over the Via KT133A chipset mobo's, but the only dual combo mobo SiS 735 chipset mobo is the ECS K75SA, all othe SiS 735 mobo's use just DDR memory. The SiS 735 chipset is the best performing SD-Ram chipset, The ECS K75SA is the worst mobo that I have used.

"I don't wont to waste in only SDRAM mobo."

I don't understand this statement. Think about this, your Socket A Athlon is a waste, PC2700 DDR is a waste, 1066 mhz RD-Ram is a waste...............everything out right now will be old news & un-usable in the very near future. What else were you planning on using this SD-Ram for? What do you think you are going to use your PC2100 DDR(when you get it) for? My thinking is if you are going cheap, go cheap & get a reliable decent performing SD-Ram mobo, like a Via KT133A chipset mobo, If you are going for performance with hopes of upgrading, get a Via KT333 or nForce mobo. The ECS K75SA is not a reliable mobo(in my opinion), don't buy something just because it is the "Jack of all trades" on paper. The key to upgrading is you have to have something worth upgrading, not something that is the weakest link in your system.

"Your mobo was dead? What have you done? DOA and RMA means something?"

DOA= Dead On Arrival: it never ran, it was non-functioning in a brand new box.

RMA= Return Materials Authorization: most sources make you call their tech support line to jump thru their hoops to prove that the product in question is returnable. You need a RMA # on most returns or they will not even open the box & just ship it back to you.

I buy a lot of stuff through I explained that I had 2 of the same mobo's in 2 similar setups. 1 ran fine, the other didn't. I spent the next 2 day swaping out everything in one system to the non-running system, also using a different Enermax 430 watt PSU & Crucial DDR PC2100 & Crucial SD-Ram PC133(these are the 2 biggest issue with any Athlon system, use good Ram & a high quality PSU-Power Supply Unit). Anyhow I explained what I did & they know the parts that I am using(they have a record of all my purchases), & they gave me a RMA # for that DOA mobo, which I shipped back for credit on a Shuttle AK31A(Via KT266A chipset) mobo & everything is working out fine now. Because of the lost time, I will never buy a ECS K75SA mobo again. This was my first 2 systems with ECS ever, & 1 was DOA.

If you want a low cost mobo, buy a Shuttle mobo. I have had very good luck with these mobo's & they are cheap. If you want a good performing SD-Ram mobo, buy a pure SD-Ram mobo, if you want a good performing DDR mobo, buy a pure DDR mobo. Almost all the combo mobo's are out-performed by the single types. Good Luck.

Peace Out...............tile

god knows your entire system setup & he would answer your questions if he could just stop laughing