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Can someone recommend a good Space type game for my PC? It's a 1.2ghz athlon w/ a new bfg 6600 256mb agp card. I know the new games are out of the question for my Lame-'O processor, but maybe a good older game? I don't know my games yet...

Also, what's a good place to buy pc games?

Anyway, What do you think? Thanks!

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  1. Sid Mier's Alpha Centari best damn turn based strat game ever
  2. well a great moder space game is X3 reunion, its an amazing space game that really gives you the feel of being in space, but your system might be to weak to play it. another space game u might like is the good old classic starcarft, its a RTS game, its old, and it one of the best RTS ever made, any computer can run it and you should go give it a look
  3. If you want to fly around and blow stuff up, Freespace and Freespace 2 should definately make your list. Also look out for I:War (which also has the best game intro movie ever!).

    If Elite-style trading and combat is your thing, you should be able to run X: Beyond the Frontier and it's add-on Xtension. You may even be able to run X2:The Threat, but X3:Reunion is probably beyond you. It should run (my mate ran it on a 6600), but it'll be laggy unless you turn the options right down (which is a shame, as it's pretty).

    If you want strategy, go for Alpha Centauri for a Civ-style game (it's pretty much Civ on an alien planet!). I can also recommend Master of Orion 2 (golden oldie) and Galactic Civilisations 2 (essential a modern remake of MOO2) which are also both turn-based (so your slowish system won't spoil your gameplay so much).
  4. Thanks you guys, really appreciating the feedback!

  5. Homeworld and Homeworld 2 are brilliant space RTS games.
  6. The free B5 game I've Found Her is fun and should play on your system.

    Wing Commander Prophecy and X-Wing Vs Tie-Fighter are greats but probably too old to run well on even your system.
  7. Freespace 2. Best space shooter ever. Want proof?

    Those are modified graphics with the Source code project, but the original game had recommended specs somewhere near a 200mgz P1, 64mb of ram.

    Edit: The video really dramatizes the game, but it really can get that intense. You might not even realize it, you're just sucked into it entirely. If any game ever deserved more attention than it got and a sequel that would probably never happen, I'd wager this would be at the top of the list of contenders. Best beam weapon effects ever, insane battles between capital ships and awesome sound effects. Plus, it runs great on just about anything :)
  8. You could probably swing Freelancer and Starlancer.

    Awesome games both of them.

    Starlancer is the older of the two and is a classic space sim. Pretty stable single player but the multiplayer is unplayably buggy.

    Freelancer is the sequel ... kinda.... and it has a really fun plot and trader/bounty hunter style mechanics. One of my favorite space "sims" of all time. As sims go it is fairly light weight on the sim and heavier on the action and plot.

    As others reccomended, Starcraft, Alpha Centaurii, Masters of Orion 2 (not 3 dear god not 3 anything but 3), and Galactic Civilizations I and II.
  9. My vote goes to Freespace 1 and 2. Possibly two of the greatest games ever altho I oddly keep forgetting it whenever I give my list of top games.

    Forget the suggestion of X3 stated above. It won't run on your machine. Although it's a great game along with X2 (which also won't run on your machine).

    Finally if you are into MMORPGs then give Eve Online a whirl. You can download the client and get a two week free trial. I've now been playing it for a year (god time flies) and it's a game I play way too much of.
  10. X2 will run fine on your PC... well with a few of the settings turned down of course, but I was running that game very well off a GeForce3 and a 1700+...
  11. meh. I had trouble playing that with a 2600 and 9800XT at times but then I hate sacrificing graphics just so I can play a game.
  12. Eve online can get a bit repetitive, but its fun for a while.

    I got bogged down by the expense and time needed to upgrade past cruisers into battleships or T2 ships. As a result I couldn't really move into the level 3 missions and I had done the level 2 missions so much that I was sick of them.... oh well.

    Not sure how well it would run on your machine though.
  13. When were you last playing? It's not all about the money. I've been playing a year and I'd say the richest I've been is 150 mill. Once you get your first battleship the rest is gravy.

    Also, they now have battlecruisers which you can run L3's in although most L3's are doable in a cruiser anyway once you have the skills. So making money is much easier. Also if you get into a corp with 0.0 access then money just flows in as you can kill npc battleship spawns worth up to 900k with just a caracel.

    Personally I think you are right in that Eve is repetitive however it is a game that doesn't really dish out what you have to do. You join a player run corp and the rest, literally, is up to you the player. You can mine, mission run, pvp (best pvp ever ever ever), manufacture, trade, be a pirate or be a con artist. If it's within the game rules (which are really few and far between) then you can do it.

    Anyway, seeing I've played it for a year now I'd say I like it but it can be an aquired taste.
  14. Getting to battleships what my sticking point. Both skillwise and financially.

    The skills take SOOOOOOO long to get.

    That and I've never been a fan of PVP. The PVP in EVE seems very cool, but its just not my thing. If there were more variety in the missions that would be all I needed to keep interested. As it was... I was tired of running Human Cattle.
  15. That’s the thing I don’t like about all MMORPG’s at the moment, unless you put loads of hours in to the game it is completely impossible to do a mission at a certain level. There is absolutely no skill needed to complete these games, I mean next we will be seeing things like “skill not required” printed on the box fronts.

    It’s not like I am against the idea of MMORPG’s I am all for them, I played World of Warcraft for about 4-5 months (on and off) and also played Final Fantasy 11 for 3 months but I just could not get in to the games as they where simply just too boring and needlessly time consuming…

    For instance, take a normal RPG game like Final Fantasy 7 in to account. The level system works with the game and at the same pace as the game so you can play through it all (40 – 60 hours) and you should not see a moment when you cant get past a part in the game. Even if you rush through the game you can still beat opponents it just becomes harder and you need to become more clever in the way you battle. I completed the game at level 38 first time through, most people complete the game at level 60 or higher.

    Games like World of Warcraft though are completely restricted to what you can do or where you can go at certain levels of your character. And your level also does not run with the natural progression of the game leaving you at too low a level to go on to the next stage even though you have done all the quests you can find. Meaning that you are forced to then spend multiple hours going around killing the same types of enemy.

    The reason why you can’t progress is quite ridiculous also, instead of simply becoming too hard to kill normally, it is like they have artificially made anything that is about 6 levels above you just simply impossible to hit. What made this more frustrating was if you advanced by 1 level and this once imposible enemy that would take only ¼ of the damage you normally dealt and would only be able to hit on about ¼ of the time. Would suddenly change to become very easy to defeat like someone flicked a switch saying you are now able to beat enemys at this level.

    This was one reason why I stopped playing, apart from the boringness you could not beat that game unless you put at least 400 hours in to the game. I had done 230 ours at the time I quit and only reached level 41. Something needs to be done to take this artificial side to MMORPG away from it all. I don’t want to feel like I am being made to play for countless hours just so they can get there subscription fill I want to play because it is fun not just because I must spend hours on end doing the same thing just to access the next level.

    Anyway rant over
  16. Right there with you.
    City of Heroes at first allowed you to excel if you were clever about your build and playstyle. As things went along the clever strategies were nerfed and then the not so clever strategies were nerfed, then anything that even vaguely resembled strategy was nerfed until all that was left was pounding on a few enemies in the most basic way possible.

    *hates the devs*

    I miss my characters but the game is just not fun anymore.
  17. Eve is essentially about pvp. The npc stuff to do is just a means of making money in my eyes. What's so cool about eve in the pvp side is you can have an old char with loads of skills in a battleship who can get killed by a group of week old noobs in frigates and so on. Age grants skills, money and from there access to big and nasty ships but in Eve it doesn't make you unstoppable by a long shot and when you lose, you lose big time.

    There was a story on the forums last week about a guy losing a Rattlesnake. That's worth a couple of billion I think then the bits he had on the ship were worth a few more billion. That's a loss that is non recoverable and the amount of game time that would have been put in to buy that stuff would have been immense. That's what's so great about Eve. When you lose, you can lose it all.
  18. Master of Orion (MOO) 2 or Galactic Civ 1 or 2. Do NOT buy MOO 3!
  19. a good game is halo and if you play online the boarding action map online is spacy.
  20. Quote:
    a good game is halo and if you play online the boarding action map online is spacy.

    A: it's not a space game it's an FPS. B: it's shyte. Nothing will ever make Halo a good game.
  21. i dont care
  22. Then don't post ideas that don't answer the OP's question.
  23. im just playin
  24. i agree with freespace 2. thats one i still enjoy.
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