Noobie to Oblivion - movement problems!!

OK - I'm currently running Oblivion with a cruddy grafix card - radeon 9520 - which I know is not up to the job.

I have ordered an X1600 but until that comes I'm running Oldblivion with the 9250 which fixed the white screen probs but I have now got a REALLY annoying movement problem.

Starting off in the cell I always seem to want to move backwards. No matter which character I choose I find I'm constantly moving - mainly in a backward direction. If I take my fingers off the keyboard my character will steadily move backwards until it hits a wall or pillar then it stops.
Using the movement keys I find I can move around but it's in a bumbling manner and I can't keep still. It's like i'm a dark elf with Parkinsons!!

As you can imagine it's VERY annoying and makes the game virtually unplayable. Can anyone help?
Is it linked to my poor graphix card? Will it be fixed by switching to the x1600 when it arrives or have i got other issues causing this movement problem?

many thanks
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  1. anyone??
  2. Go into the oblivion.ini file and set USE_JOYSTICK=0

    Or, check with these guys:
  3. Thanks for the advice but it didn't work. I changed bUSE_JOYSTICK=1 to =0 but I'm still walking backwards!

    I'll try the elder scroll guys
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