Biig problem

I got a Athlon XP 1800+ this morning, put it in, boot it up and it only runs at 1150 mhz !?! This points that the clock frequency is 100 instead of 133.. When I try to set it to 130 (the biggest value in my bios) it wont boot >:(
I'v got a Chaintech 7AJA2, 256 133mhz SDR, GF2 GTS
Help would be GREATLY appreciated (before i start cappin ppl : )
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  1. If your board has the kt133 chipset, it won't support 133 fsb. If the board has the kt133a chipset, it should have a 133 fsb jumper somewhere.
  2. it is kt133a but it doesnt have a 133 fsb jumper on the board : (
  3. F***ing ppl in chaintech didnt publish on any manual (neither the one i got with the MB nor the 1 i d/l-ded of the net) where and if a 133fsb jumper existed... So I figured it out by myself.. Took me 6 hours to figure it out but stil.. :)
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