My husband is going crazy trying to remember the name of this game he played about 15 or so years ago...He swears that it was Atari, and that it was a game SOMEWHAT like Pong (but not Pong-- we have that)...He said that it was played vertically and that you could rack up thousands and thousands of points by hitting a ball...Can anyone give us some names so that we can search for it?
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  1. While we're here, there was also some Atari game I played when I was all of 3 years old that had two guys on either side of a vertically moving belt. You shot at the belt, taking chunks out of it as it scrolled & eventually shot through at the other guy.

    And actually, it's probably the only Atari game I ever played. It was also only after I had played Super Mario Bros. on NES earlier that year. I couldn't get past 1-1 without the pipe shortcut at age 3... >_>

    Then again, kids today at age 3 can't do much of anything with games.
  2. Oh the nostalgia, my first ever computer was one of these babys: Click Here

    Look what the advert says it can do: Click Here

    And the best game I had for it was this: Click Here although at 4 – 6 years old I could never get past the ghost at level 4 :cry:.
  3. It was probably Breakout.
  4. Sounds like arkanoid...
  5. Krakout? Except I think that was for C64...
  6. This page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arkanoid explains quite nicely relation between Breakout, Arkanoid and other games:
    Many clones of Arkanoid have been produced. The most famous Arkanoid clones are probably Krakout (1987), Traz (1988) and Krypton Egg (1989). Freeware game Bananoid got some attention on IBM PC due to its scrolling VGA graphics. Amegas (1987) on Amiga is historically very important since its music was the first piece of tracker/MOD music ever produced.

    Since Arkanoid itself is a clone of Breakout, these games could also be called Breakout clones. However, the flood started with a conversion of Arkanoid, and many players in the late 1980s had not even heard of Breakout. Also, many of these games parodied Arkanoid directly, and thus included many features that appeared only in Arkanoid and not in Breakout.
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