I am on a limited budget of $200 and want a CPU that will benefit my gaming experience, from now into the future, can anybody give my some suggestions, and possibly some links?! (i am limited to socket 939 and dual core looks pretty slammin...)THANKS!
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    Socket 939 supplies are drying up... better order sooner rather than later. That said... the best gaming CPU for $200 or less has GOT to be the entry-level Core 2 Duo processor by Intel... but like you said, you're stuck on Socket 939.
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    Good luck making that 6300 run on a 939 socket MB
  3. Oh come on... you haven't heard about the Socket 939 to 775 converter?!? It also converts your DDR to DDR-2 when you install it. I'm pretty sure they're not too expensive.
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    I guess it has a built in memory controller too
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