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First I will begin with a sad message: my little brothers computer is officialy dead. We´ve tried everything, and I will try something else soon, but, we think that the mobo is totally screwed up.

Anyway, it needed to be replaced, but we´ve already bought some components that would fit in the old comp. Stuff like 128Mb SD-RAM. We´re now looking to get him a new mobo w/ a Duron 1200 (Lo-budg, I know).

´Cause we´ve already got some components (brand new), I wanted to know if there´s a mobo (like a 266A) which can handle old Kingston 128Mb Sd-ram. I looking for one that is upgradeble in the future.

Does anyone have any idea, should I get an older mobo, or should I get 128Mb DDR-RAM for him?


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  1. If you have a credit card, get a kt266a board online and some ddram. Pricewatch lists some of these boards starting at only $59 plus shipping. Newegg has a refurbished ak31a for only $42 shipped last time I checked. Only negative is limited warranty and lack of cables with some boards. I used it in my last xp system. 256 megs of ddram will work much better than 128. Some places have it for only $36 shipped. If you must use your sdram, the ecs k7s5a (with sis 735 chipset) is your best bet (about $52-55 plus shipping). If you need onboard video, lists a pc chips 830LMR board for only $57 shipped also with sis 735.
  2. Philosophically, I'm usually against letting existing components drive the design of a new system (how many times has someone picked a mobo because it has an ISA slot!?!). Having said that, if you want to go with a 'bargain' board, the ECS K7S5A is still out there. It supports both SDRAM and DDR, and offers decent DDR performance for when you do upgrade. However, if you want a more current board then there's not much with SDRAM slots, and I would suggest you upgrade to DDR now.
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