I miss EQ :(

Man, I miss EQ! I used to play (Level 65 Halfling Ranger on Zebuxoruk) and have since ran out of time to play. I played WoW for a few weeks but it was nothing compared to EQ1 :( All these new MMORPG games seem like they are getting easier and easier and more "little kid" like.

I miss the good old days when EQ was packed with addicts and the world wasn't obsessed with the lame game known as WoW.

Anyone else that used to play, miss this game?
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  1. I don't miss it cause i play almost every night =)
  2. Yeah, it's been a while and I miss it too. I went to Vanguard and that hasn't really fullfilled my excitement like I thought it would.

    A couple friends & I are thinking of making a comeback tour to EQ when the Anniversary Edition is released. All expansions for $20. Can't beat that. We haven't decided which server to go to, but whichever one we decide one, we are all rolling new toons. No hurries on rushing levels either. I actually want to re-experience some of the good ole encounters, heh. Places like Sebilis, ToV, VT, etc.

    Granted, many old encounters can be done with single groups and not raids anymore, but it will still be fun and bring back some old memories :)
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