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Hey all, Im going to purchase a new system (amd) which will be the 2100 t-bred. Im wondering what board I should get, im kind of itching to try the Asus A7N266-C because ive wondered how well the 128bit memory controller works, as well as the great onboard audio... Im just asking to see if anyone here with some experience with them can tell me some reasons not to go with Nforce, or if good feed back is the Asus the best board to get? Also can i buy 1 512MB stick and use it and buy another a month later and fill the second bank to give me the 128bit memory controller? also can pc2700 ram be used if the pc is not ddr333? im looking for good CAS2 ram 512 sticks but all i can find at cas2 is pc24-3000


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  1. I've got the A7N266-VM running Win2k with an XP1700+ and it runs perfectly! I've had no issues with the nForce chipset. My "VM" board only has the 64 bit memory controller, but I figure with the Athlon 2.1 Gig/sec front side bus speed, a 2.1 Gig/sec memory interface works just fine. Reading the benchmarks, that bears out. I use the on-board video since I'm no gamer and it works just fine for me. My only complaint is the board has zero overclocking ability (no settings)I think the board you're looking at costs a bit more and comes with all the overclocking settings.

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