most embarrasing death

I downloaded nethack last night and i've been playing and dying quite a bit, and i have to say my most embarrasing death to date is..

Dying after kicking a rock :oops:

what are your embarring deaths?
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  1. Petrified while attempting to saddle a cockatrice!
  2. ate a cockatrice egg once. I saw the cockatrice. I saw the egg show up shortly after I killed the critter but didn't put it together until "You feel your limbs start to stiffen."

    My last game, I starved while carrying food. Sure it was tripe, but I had a cursed unicorn horn and a thing of holy water. I starved just as I was preparing to dunk the horn.

    Lots of the classics--nibbled to death by newts while paralyzed, I used to try to ID wands by zapping myself with them (bad plan), I think I genocided myself once.
  3. Did the cockatrice thing again today...this time even worse.
    I've never ascended, and I've only even gotten as far as the quest a couple of times (and only with Valkyrie, or once with a Wizard). So, I had a rogue in the lowest level of the quest (in case you don't know, it's really weird.) In a previous level, I had polymorphed myself into a cockatrice and laid a bunch of eggs to use as grenades. As I was wondering around, trapped, in the lowest level of the quest, I got hungry. Absentmindedly, I pressed
    e, then the only letter that was in my inventory.

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