Custom BF2 Map - Mappers Needed! No Experience Necessary!

Hey guys, I'm making a custom BF2 map after reading one of the latest issues of PC gamer magazine (I got my first one back in 98 or so)

The theme I want to do is "waterslide" (or mapname)

Basically it's going to be big enough to fit a jet-ski, and a boat, or perhaps one for each, it will be a race.

If anyone wants to learn how to map like I am doing, get xfire, and add scarslilpyro.

Or reply here :wink:
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  1. Do you know of any websites that have a good guide to mapmodding for CS:S/HL2/BF2?

    A PM would be great, I don't check gaming forums often.
  2. Don’t think there really is a website that helps out with all the different types of games but you can get a few good video tutorials on how to create maps on Hammer (source engine games). Do a little Google on “hammer video tutorials”, but anyway more to the point. I would have gladly accepted your help though I think your map is a little too simple and normally tend to work on larger and more diverse ideas.

    But after my experience with the Battlefield Vietnam tool it is a very good and simple tool for creating maps, though you better get to know 3DSMax very well because you will be using that a fair bit.
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