Problem with Via apollo pro 133A


I have a problem with my Graphic performance after I formated my HD.
My Board is Aopen AX64 PRO
P3 1000 133FSB
1152 MB SDRAM PC133 cl3
Windows ME
After I reinstalled my performance in games is extreme bad.
I lost over 1000 Points in 3DMark 2001SE And Unreal Turnament runs at 17 FPS (75 before I reinstalled)
I have tried allot of 4in1 driver but nothing helped.
After a few tests (and a few more formats of my HD) I found out that the 4in1 Driver do not affect the speed of my PC.
I get the same results with and without 4in1 drivers.

Please help me, I'm going mad here.
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  1. are you remebering to use the latest drivers for your video card?

    <font color=red>isit alan?</font color=red>
  2. yes I use the latest drivers.
    I found out one more thing:
    OpenGL works fine, only Direct 3D is very slow.
  3. I found this chipset to be very troublesome on a P3V4X motherboard.

    First run the Via install program. But do not install. UNinstall everything. DO NOT reboot. Now run the install again and install everything. Now reboot.

    Now Install the rest of the motherboard drivers. Then Install video drivers.

    This chipset only supports AGP2x. I know the bios says 4x but it is dissabled in the chipset. 4way memory Interleave is also dissabled in the chipset.

    To enable these you need WPCREDIT & WPCRSET from H-ODA or a utility call BETA 4/way from the Geforce FAQ page.

    I never got complete stability with AGP4x but others claim to have.

    The 4/way interleave is worth 10-12% performance increase.

    I aint signing nothing!!!
  4. That's an awful lot of memory for Windows ME; you are aware that Windows 9x/ME has a difficult time handling memory amounts above 512MB. There is a patch for it on the M$ website, but I don't know where it is since I haven't ran an Windows 9x board with more than 512MB.

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