Knowing what motherboard manufacturers are up to?

Is there a way to know what motherboard manufacturers are planning to release in their product lines, something of a mainboard roadmap? I'm asking because I'll be building an smp system soon probably based on the Tiger MPX but was wondering if Tyan was planning on one more iteration with USB 2.0 and possibly ATA 133. It may be they won't bother with hardware alterations since the Thoroughbred line will cede to Barton within the next couple of months, rather will only release BIOS updates.

So, how do you keep tabs on mainboard releases or is it simply a wait and see game? Thanks everyone.
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  1. I am wondering about this aswell.
    I want to know about the next round of MBs as AMD has specified that all new AMD supported MBs <b>must</b> have active heat-monitoring and CPU fail-safe features.
    I want this feature, I'm not buying a new MB til late in the year but I'm kinda wondering if any of the manufacturers are even gonna do anything about the new standards.. seems like they're happy to stay with old tech' for as long as possible.

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  2. Well the latest Asus and Soltek boards already have active heat monitoring/cut off.

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  3. That's what I mean, only 2 MB manu's get off their butts.. why isn't anyone pushing the others..
    I like the Gigabyte boards, and Soltek are similar prices, but have less features, it's hard to beat Gigabyte in that area.

    So, I guess what I'm really asking is - When Gigabyte Release a Thermally protected (by AMD specs) MoBo??

    there.. somebody help me!?!?!

    I spilled coffee all over my wife's nighty... ...serves me right for wearing it?!?
  4. I have a Soltek board, and no thermal death yet : )

    but I'd recommend Asus, A7V333 it's got RAID, Firewire, USB2.0 and thermal protection.

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