Abit AT7 ? XP 2200+ ? Data Transfer ?


Abit AT7 (full version)w/ Latest BIOS Rev (claims support for .13micron chips..)
Athlon XP 2200+ (2100+ now.. will explain)
1.5GB Corsair XMS3000 DDRSDRAM
Gainward GeForce4 Ti 4600
Linksys WDT11 Wireless PCI Card
Soundblaster Audigy Platinum Ex
6x IBM Deskstar 120GXP 120GB Drives
2x WD Caviar 80GB Drives
40x12x40a Plextor CDRW

Ok.. so I have quite a rig.. (IMHO) going here.

Problem #1 --- The 2200+ chip would not run the system.. fans would go.. board would get power, but it would not so much as post or synch up a video signal.

Ok.. I had 2100+ laying around, and that worked. So did a 1ghz T-bird. So I ran the 2100+.

Next problem:

I hook up my firewire drive.. after 2 minutes or less I get a bluescreen error and the PC reboots.. this happens every time.. or sometimes it gets a "PCI Delay Write failed..." type error. Seems to happen with any transfer going on. A friend of mine is dealing with this on a Soyo Dragon too. ANY IDEAS on either of these issues guys?? I'm desperate, and exhausted all local resources.. (me)..

Also, the CMOS does not retain!!! If I unplug power from the psu all the bios settings are dorked.. clock too.

FYI - that's with ALL the latest drivers.. from the RAID controllers to the 4in1s to the fargin' monitor..

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  1. your PSU is?

    <i> :smile: I like THG Interactive, Inc.</i>
  2. Antec... 420watt tru..

    Case is a 1080B antec with side fan..
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