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Sorry if this is in the wrong section

I have set up a sever running my website, its currently on a virtualised Ubuntu 12.10 installation. everything appears to be running smoothly, just two problems!

1) works, however doesn't, any way I can get around this? I have tried using virtual directories on Apache and had no luck!
2) How do I go about promoting my blog properly (i.e. without spamming etc.) ? any recommendations?

Thanks in advanced! :D
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  1. 1. Although my job is web developer and I really should be able to answer your first issue, I can't lol. I'm sure one of the guys from our Apache team would be able to though.

    2. As for the second issue, I would get on twitter. If people are interested in your blogs you can find followers on twitter. You could post titles or quotes from your blog entries and link to the full blog URL so people can read the whole thing if they're interested. That's basically what NPR, The Onion, Colbert Report, Tom's Hardware, etc. do on twitter. To get started, search twitter for terms relevant to your blog topic. See who's tweeting about the topic and follow them so you might get a follow back or a retweet. But be careful not to follow too many people too quickly cause twitter considers that spam and they'll give you a warning or deactivation.
  2. I think you can release your blog site to some bookmarks website, in order to be Google included, such not only can promote your blog, but also can improve your blog pr, hope can help you , thanks !
  3. You can promote your blog by Bookmark sites, Blog Directory. even you can use classified to promote your blog.
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